Canton town and village officials considering videotaping meetings
Thursday, March 21, 2019 - 6:00 pm

North Country This Week

CANTON – The village and town boards recently discussed video recording board meetings for the public.

At a joint meeting of the two on March 11, Town Councilman Bob Washo suggested the idea.

“I’ve been asked by a number of people, is it possible to video our meetings like they do at other places around the state? I know an individual does it in Massena and puts those videos out on YouTube,” said Washo.

“I think it's a good idea. Short of having the seats filled and people actually coming in person, I think it's another way to inform people and get them engaged and involved in what’s going on,” Washo said. “And it might be highly entertaining.”

“Or not,” quipped Village Trustee Beth Bullock Larrabee.

During discussion, Washo pointed out that the public has the right to video board meetings and post them on their own. He suggested the recordings could be done in house with just a cell phone with a tripod and posted to YouTube.

“I’m just trying to think of ways out of the box to get more people engaged and informed in what we do on a daily basis. All the work that goes into it. All the decisions that need to be made,” Washo said.

Washo said he watched a few of the recent Massena meetings regarding the hospital controversy.

“I got a lot of value out of it, but maybe I’m just a political wonk,” Washo said.

“Maybe a glutton,” joked Village Trustee Sean O’Brien.

The boards discussed the issue, but no further action was taken regarding the idea.