Canton Central plans to hold off $243,000 in pool repairs until February
Monday, August 19, 2019 - 5:52 am

North Country This Week

CANTON -- Canton Central School will wait until the end of the boys’ swimming season to fix its pool.

The pool filter has developed small pinhole leaks and the water heater needs replacement.

“We anticipate that the work will commence at the conclusion of the boys' swim season in February,” CCS Superintendent Ronald P. Burke said. “Provided that the leaks do not worsen, we anticipate that the pool will remain open for the girls' swim season in the fall and the boys' swim season in the winter.”

The budgeted amount is $243,900.

The bid for replacing the pool filter was $202,104 and the alternate for the pool water heater was $47,002, he said. The only bidder was Skelly Contractors of Ogdensburg.

“Our budget would allow for the pool filter bid, but not the water heater,” Burke said. “It was decided to rebid the project with a longer timeframe for the completion of the work with the goal of being able to do undertake both parts of the project.”

The school will begin advertising on or around Aug. 19, Burke said. Bids will be due Sept. 13.

It is anticipated that work will start Feb. 3

“Additionally, the timeframe for the delivery of a new filter is up to twelve weeks,” Burke said. “This timeframe is significantly longer than originally thought.'