2012 Potsdam Central Mega Reunion website has gone live
Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 5:04 pm

POTSDAM -- The web page for the 2012 Potsdam Central Mega Reunion has gone live at www.pcsmegareunion2012.com.

People can register for the Aug. 10-12 event, post photos, check out event sites, write a few lines in a blog, and see the schedule of events.

In October, more than 600 people from over 50 years of graduating classes were expected at the reunion, according to organizers. Since then, estimates have increased.

The first-ever "mega-reunion," for people from the classes of 1960 through 2010, has ben spearheaded by 1970 graduate Phillip Demarest. He says any contact info for people from earlier classes would be welcome.

There will be indoor and outdoor music venues, dinners and other food stops, a 5K race, and other attractions.

Ticket reservations can be paid for at a PayPal link, at $50 per ticket.

For more info, visit the new web page or call (760) 214-0144.