33 compete in Higley canoe, kayak race; Plumley posts fastest time, results announced
Monday, August 9, 2010 - 11:45 am

COLTON -- On a cool, crisp August morning 33 boats headed south on Higley Flow in the annual ‘Round the Islands Canoe Race.

The fastest time of the day was posted by Jim Plumley in the Men’s Kayak Race.

Jim also garnered the Veteran Paddler Award for the best finish by a paddler over the age of 60.

The award is presented by the family of C.M. Palmer in his memory. C.M. was a long time Higley resident, canoeist and kayaker who ventured from Florida to Hudson’s Bay with his boats.

Throughout his travels he always enthusiastically shared his love of the sport with neophyte paddlers, coaching and encouraging them to enjoy the wonders of the waterways. Jim has won this award several times before, each year bettering the previous year’s time, supporting the adage that like wine, he seems to improve with age.

Jim’s wife, Chris, returning this year after a year’s absence due to illness, returned to her winning ways by posting the fastest time in the Women’s Long Kayak, and the second fastest time for the women overall.

Mary Kelly, participating in the Sea Kayak Class, posted the fastest time of the day for women.

Victoria Nandel posted the best time in the Fledgling Kayak Class, while Allison Bickford picked up first place honors in the Youth full distance race.

KC Bartkus picked up the Young Paddler Award, presented by the Higley Association, for her paddling and her leadership on and off the water.

One of the pleasant aspects of the race for spectators is watching the children who participate in the race grow into young adults and beyond. One such example is Allison Bickford who started as a freeloader, riding along in the canoe and pedal boat races, now an outstanding young paddler, paddling at the adult level.

The race is a family oriented activity. Following the race, many competitors trade their paddles in for the pedals on a pedalboat to compete in the pedal boat slalom, while onlookers cheer, visit and snarf down hot dogs and soda.

Before competitors receive their awards drawings are offered for a variety of prizes. This year prizes were donated by Ames Store of Colton, Kunoco mini-mart, Boyce’s General Store and the Higley Association. In addition to the usual plaques and medals, Mary Jane Watson presented gift certificates for free admission to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake. These certificates were donated by the center as part of Racquette River appreciation week.

To view a slideshow of the races: http://northcountrynow.com/slideshow/higley-round-islands-canoe-kyak-race

2010 ’Round the Islands results

Women's Kayak:

Sea Kayak-Long,

Mary Kelly, 40:25:00

Long Kayak

Chris Murphy, 44:36:00

Marilyn Fayette, 45:03:00

Rotomolded Long

Becky Bartkus, 50:50:00


Sam Swift, 46:10:00

Rosie Bartholomew, 06:50:00

Mary Lannis, 106:50:00

Recreational Short

Theresa Congler, 111:08:00

Men's Kayak

Men's short

Kevin Pentalow 52:40:00

Men’s long

Jim Plumley, 38:50:00

Allen Kelly, 39:34:00

Anthony Tramantano, 38:15:00

Men's Long rotomolded,

Eric Hewittson, 46:17:00

Dan Hebert, 66:50:00

Youth Kayak-short,

Drew Berbrand 70:58:00

Jennifer Congler 70:60

Rachel Congler, 71:04:00

Youth Kayak Long

Allison Bickford, 56:00:00

Jessica Wangler, 52:45:00

Chantel Rose, 61:36:00

Fledgling Kayak


Victoria Nandel, 12

KC Bartkus, 15:08


Spencer Bartkus, 15:18

Marley Bartkus, 15:30



Paul/Gillan Doty, 56:02:00

Men's solo

Matt Champney, 55:56:00


Jan/Jim Bickford, 46:59:00

Linde/Nettie Scott, 49:15:00


Nikkie Coates/Ron Johnson, 43:40:00, 43:40:00,

Veteran Paddler Award:

Jim Plumley, best time of the day

Young Paddler Award-Outstanding sportsmanship,

KC Bartkus

Pedal Boat Slalom Challenge


Spencer Bartkus and Allie Bickford, 1st

Allie Bickford and KC Bartkus, 2nd

Daphne Bartkus and Victoria, 3rd


Linde and Nettie Scott, 1st

Jan Bickfor and Kevin Pentalow, 2nd

Kevin Pentalow and Marilyn Fessette, 3rd