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The New York Farm Laborers Wage Board recently voted in favor of lowering the overtime threshold from 60 to 40 hours per week, which drew the ire of several lawmakers. Federal legislation has been introduced in a bid to stop the recommendation to lower the overtime threshold from 60 to 40 hours from being implemented. Do you support New York Farm Laborers Wage Board decision to lower the overtime from 60 to 40 hours per week?

49.7% – No

43.2% -- Yes

7.2%-- Unsure

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I believe everyone who works agreed to work where they work and if you don’t like your job then move on. Forcing farmers to pay wages in an already crazy world that wants Socialism is the best way to starve yourself and ruin this great country. For all those gov’t workers , and that’s many in SLC, be carefully what you wish for or vote on cuz it may bite cha !

9/19/2022 09:25 AM

Do the farmer's get overtime? No. This is just the government sticking their nose where it does NOT belong. Leave the farmers alone!!! And for Martha & Leland..if Trump people are considered in a "cult"'s a badge we wear PROUDLY. And sheep are people who don't ask questions and do what they are told, like take 4 shots of something that doesn't work. The Trump army is 10x bigger than you think and it will show come November as you will hear that big ROAR. We are proud to support TRUE American values...The funny thing is each time a liberal slam towards Trump supporters is made, there are MORE & MORE people who Trump gains as followers. We do not support this fascist government...PERIOD...LOVE it!

9/19/2022 09:10 AM

They deserve a living wage. They pay more in taxes than the Orange man.

9/19/2022 08:42 AM

Anything to help the farmers who keep us fed! Now more then ever we need them. Biden and his radicals want to destroy the way of life we have had since the beginning.

9/19/2022 08:09 AM

I'm confident the informed readers of NCTW will find fault with paying overtime wages for overtime work. They take their lead from the orange man/child, twice impeached loser whose habit is to stiff the people who work for him.

9/18/2022 08:45 AM

Any farmer or farm worker certainly understands 40 hrs./wk. work is unreasonable to run a farm, considering it’s hard to hire anyone. This will just make it harder on our already struggling NYS farmers! Many farm workers also enjoy benefits provided by the farm in the way of housing and produce/meat to compensate for their long, and needed, work weeks

9/18/2022 12:04 AM

I believe farm workers should be treated fairly but that taxpayers should not pay the farmers for the wages. The farmers I know in Lisbon have camps on the river, nice boats, homes, vacations and all the expensive “toys”. Many taxpayers cannot afford extras and shouldn’t have their taxes go to pay farmers for their workers wages

9/17/2022 08:02 PM

Double edged sword. Workers deserve it but consumers will pay for it with increased prices for food.

9/17/2022 10:08 AM

Most "FAMILY farmers" are already financially stressed by burdensome government over reach. This law will just be another way to create more food shortage, government control and another "nail in the coffin of the family farm where one could really be "self sustainable!" Perhaps farmers could become some form of non-profit like all these mostly worthless NON-PROFITS in St. Lawrence County where the CEO's profit handsomely getting grants and FREE money on the backs of the taxpayer. A good example is that supposed NON-PROFIT in Potsdam (children's museum) the director (owner) profits quite handsomely so I have read.

9/17/2022 09:03 AM

if you work you want to get paid

9/17/2022 06:16 AM

No- I will be shutting up shop when this happens and selling the herd to another operation or possibly to slaughter if I can't find a buyer. My margins are too tight to afford this change. I wish my employees the best, but I will no longer be able to employ them. This rule change will result in reduced farm employment, reduced volume of food products available, and the inevitable increased cost of farm products. I will be leaving NY for greener pastures where the taxes are low and the 2nd amendment is strong.

9/16/2022 01:21 PM

Why shouldn't they be entitled to overtime like the rest of us?

9/15/2022 09:06 PM

So many on this forum use it as a platform to spew their fact free venom, usually to extol Donald Trump as some sort of savior. Mr. Trump was never a savior; his chief strategist was a Leninist, and he displayed high regard for Communist dictators. That is not to say that the former, failed President was a Communist. Donald Trump has no philosophy and no guiding principles, save his own hide. Those on this forum who rail against socialism are the ones who depend on it the most. Frightened, income insecure NoCos embrace Trump because they see someone they think is sharp enough to bring about an economic renaissance. They believe, falsely, that DJT can keep oil prices and interest rates low. They also believe that his business empire rivals that of Exxon Mobil. Truly, Mr. Trump's organization is a small business, relatively. Its annual revenues total about $445 million annually, and it is not publicly traded; thus, its operational numbers are a mystery. Indeed, one does not become a billionaire by being stupid, but one can do it if one has immense wealth due to progeny. Try as you may, you will never convince me that Biden is a socialist or that you folks even understand socialism. You will never convince me that either you or Trump are "good Christian" folk. Might I suggest that if you deplore the stimulus checks-- we had two from Trump-- return them to the government and say, "I don't want no stinkin socialism."

9/15/2022 07:33 PM

Farming is a business today. When you have two 3000 head of cattle or livestock you’re a business. Small farmers today are fires with just a few hundred head. Big firms have someone that do nothing but try to get government money just like any other business

9/15/2022 06:16 PM

Transparency and accountability are important. Farm labor should be appreciated and paid fairly..

9/15/2022 06:10 PM

The less the parasitic state is involved in economics the better. The less the state is involved in agriculture and farming, except to bust up CAFO's and Monsanto style monopolies, the better still. There isn't any reason for the state to be pushing its caseous porcine weight into family-run farms on any level, that includes milk and crop pricing control, or importation of foreign crops and crop products, let alone trying to control labor issues and market for agriculture.

9/15/2022 05:02 PM

Farming is not a 40 hour week. Farms are already struggling.

9/15/2022 02:40 PM

These are farms not factories, wake up and smell the coffee!

9/15/2022 01:15 PM

This will make it harder for farm owners to find help. This is not a traditional 9 to 5 job. Most workers know this going into the job. Improving safety and working conditions might be a better goal.

9/15/2022 12:03 PM

I think overtime might start at 48 hours.

9/15/2022 12:01 PM

Not sure what that means

9/15/2022 11:58 AM

was raised on a dairy farm. No way necessary work can get done in 40 hours.

9/15/2022 11:47 AM

next stop ignoring the immigrant slave labor

9/15/2022 11:12 AM

100% YES. No one, let me repeat that NO ONE should have to work over 40 for straight pay. People shouldn't be taken advantage of just because they don't have the means ($$) to fight for themselves. Quite quit people look it up and live it!!

9/15/2022 10:14 AM

Those demonrats are so out of touch with the farming culture. Farming IS NOT a 9-5, M-F job. Before they mandate stupid rules, they should walk in a farmer;s shoes for the course of a normal farmer's year.

9/15/2022 09:09 AM

Farm workers are workers; just like everyone else they deserve overtime after 40

9/15/2022 08:38 AM

Happy to see the farmers given a break. NY did something positive for a change.

9/15/2022 08:35 AM

Yes, they should have the same rights as any other worker. Although, it probably won't matter either way because they'll just commit wage theft and never face consequences.

9/15/2022 08:25 AM

How much more can the tax payers of New York pay under Hochul? There comes a limit to the money she thinks grows on trees. Her "let them eat cake" attitude and "leave the state" if we don't agree with her values, leave me cold.

9/15/2022 08:20 AM

This issue is fraught with negative consequences whichever way it goes. Lowering the threshold to 40 is good for workers and not so good for the farm owners and vice versa. If the lower threshold puts farms out of business that is probably not good for anyone.

personally know several dairy farm owners as well as immigrant farm workers. The farm workers want to work 60 hours a week because they want to earn as much money as possible to support themselves as well as families they may have in another country. Dairy farm owners, for the most part, already pay good wages to their workers and cannot afford overtime pay without a significant increase in the price of milk.

9/14/2022 10:24 PM

Depending upon the season, is that right

9/14/2022 10:06 PM

These people who believe this is necessary have never worked on a farm. They need to leave the city and visit a farm to see exactly what it is to work on a farm and why there are weeks that 40 hours in a week isn't enough to get food to their tables. It is very different than working in an office.

9/14/2022 09:54 PM

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, those farm hands work hard for their money,40 hours is 40 hours no matter where you work !

9/14/2022 08:42 PM

Why should farm workers that have such a difficult job be treated any different than other workers. Don't fall for the same old argument about family farms, local farms are mega farms with 1000s of cows and lots of federal subsides.

9/14/2022 08:08 PM

As someone who comes from a historical background of agriculture, it is absolutely ridiculous to lower the threshold from 60-40 hours. It’s clear that those in favor are not aware of farming in general. Agriculture is in a precarious state in New York and this bill will wreck havoc on farming.

9/14/2022 06:35 PM

Remember this saying: 'The New York State Government" under the regime of Kathy HOCKUL is simply doing whatever the LEFTISTS want her to do.....Time for the Federal government to stop this idea in its tracks.

9/14/2022 04:45 PM

Big Farms are getting way too much government help.

9/14/2022 04:43 PM

Farmers keep us fed Hunting season better go well for meat. People better start cutting wood for heat this winter. Gas prices are going up again by 30%. Heating bills will be very high. Stock up food to be safe. Yes it is that bad folks. Next time you see a democrat thank them for this.

9/14/2022 04:20 PM

Besides teaching I worked on a local farm for many years, the farm day can not be restricted to an eight hour day or forty hour week. The sixty hour week is more realistic.

9/14/2022 03:52 PM

Everybody deserves OT after 40hrs/week

9/14/2022 03:21 PM

Farm workers are not slaves, they deserve the same rights as all workers. Most farms are multi million dollar operations. They are not mom and pop family farms. They lobby for subsidies and legislation to maximize their profits. They are businesses that need to pay their workers fairly.

9/14/2022 01:50 PM

this will put local farms out of business and raise the prices on the shelves in the grocery store for all of us. Stand by for more fallout from the tone deaf and out of touch liberal lawmakers in Albany

9/14/2022 12:54 PM

Farming is not a 9-5 job.I am sick and tired of people who live in a city to make decisions for the rural areas.

9/14/2022 12:47 PM

Just another attempt from bureaucrats to screw the working man and the Agriculture business. Wait until there is no food on your table!

ook, there is not any possible way that farmers can afford to fund that. I have worked part time at a farm since retiring from an executive job in industry. I have seen first-hand the challenges are facing to survive not the least of which are labor costs. Mandatory OT above 40 will sink farmers. What the farmers need are more low-cost help and reduced fuel and fertilizer costs. Make it easier for farmers to hire skilled hard working immigrant workers. They are thrilled to fill the jobs that lazy entitled locals will not do. The past administration single handedly killed our farm industry and to gain back votes, pacified them with handouts. Put an end to the madness.

9/14/2022 11:59 AM

Farm Laborers work harder than an other job required personal. Pay them. Elise is against it but her base salary is $174,000 a year. Let’s have her work 55 hours has a farm laborer for a week. I bet she wouldn’t last 2 days.

9/14/2022 09:09 AM

Enough of the wage slavery. Their hard work deserves better than to be looked down upon for living in or near poverty. No action is being taken to haltprice gouging & profiteering in regard to so many things, but the people who do the work that feeds us can’t be paid fairly? That’s just wrong.

Equal rights for all workers!!!

9/14/2022 08:46 AM

With the exception of a few, farms in the north country are large corporations and no longer small family businesses. They should be subject to the same rules as other businesses.

9/14/2022 08:14 AM


9/14/2022 08:06 AM

The evolution of farm labor laws over the course of American history is why farm workers have different labor laws. That might have evolved out of necessity at the time but now there is no acceptable reason to have these differential laws. But I already hear in the comments all the Brandoneers going "the price of food will skyrocket" because it's all about them, not about the guy working the farm 60+ hours a week to feed his own family.

We will loose our farmers. Then we're will you be.

9/14/2022 07:50 AM

Why not compromise? 50 hours per week.

9/14/2022 07:48 AM

I wonder if they'll let Trump claim overtime wages in the license plate shop at Leavenworth?

9/14/2022 07:28 AM

Voted on by people that cant grow grass for heavens sake. Stop screwing up the rest of the world you idiots. VOTE RED before you are eating cardboard

9/14/2022 07:25 AM

Everything else is lowered these days. Thanks to the democrats who have decided to destroy the country because of hatred of a man. The border is a Biden care less about lives!

9/14/2022 06:40 AM

These individuals work very hard for low wages and should be compensated for the long hours no different than any other worker. Most farms have become huge factory farms not the old small family farms of the past.

9/14/2022 06:31 AM

Everyone deserves a fair wage in New York, including the state’s 200,000 black and brown skinned farm workers.

9/13/2022 10:47 PM

Farming is a choice, working on a farm is a choice, planting and harvesting is a great deal of work in a very small window but Albany knows best. They know nothing about the things they desire to regulate and over and over they just screw everyone in their woke logic.

9/13/2022 08:53 PM

The change would still allow farm workers to work long hours when necessary. The only thing that changes is that they get paid overtime to do so. Just like everyone else. There is no good argument against this change. Only lots and lots of lobbying that has mainstreamed flimsy retorts like "farm workers know what they're getting into." It's sad to see how many people fail this test of critical thinking and parrot these talking points.


9/13/2022 06:32 PM

Government needs to stay out of negotiations between employers and labor altogether. Business has nobody in the middle between them and their customers and always have to compete in an open market. The same should hold true between labor and employers. Everyone needs to compete on their own INDIVIDUAL merits.

9/13/2022 06:29 PM

ALL workers who work over 40 hours should get overtime - farm hands included! If farmers don't want to pay overtime, they should hire more workers.

9/13/2022 06:29 PM

NYS is doing everything it can to put any small business OUT of business, Now they're going after farmers!!! This is madness! Get out there in November and vote out every Democrat/Socialist/Progressive/Communist there is and vote in conservative Republicans! It' sour only chance at surviving!

Yes. Workers are workers regardless of what job they do and should be treated equally.

9/13/2022 04:48 PM

Maybe the farm laborers wage board should ask the farm laborers what they want! If they did they would find out that the workers don't want this. It's going to result in farms only being able to afford to pay workers for 40 hours. No overtime! Farms like every other business can't get enough workers as it is because of government hand outs just to buy votes. The workers that want to work farms will be forced to move to other states to make the money they could make here. You should actually ask the people involved before you come up with these decisions. More lack of common sense from the so called experts!

9/13/2022 04:39 PM

so many things can go wrong in the farming world, some days can not work cause if weather

9/13/2022 04:18 PM

keep lawmakers and laws out of farming. the country is screwed up enough as it is

9/13/2022 04:05 PM

Elise Stefanik gives the rich Republican farmers a lot of our money. Let the hard workers have some.

9/13/2022 03:26 PM

We should not be trying to drive farmers out of business. New York has already forced farmers to increase the cost of workers substantially. New York is already the worst place to operate a business. Let's not lose what few businesses we have left.

9/13/2022 03:09 PM

Farm work is hard work - working overtime (over 40 hours) should be paid overtime rates.

9/13/2022 02:49 PM

I do NOT hunt! Have nothing against those who do. However, I find it sick how others on here have politicized this question. Disgusting!

For Americans yes . but not all the migrants working all the farms.

9/13/2022 12:32 PM

all other jobs get overtime after 40 hours , why not farm workers?

9/13/2022 12:17 PM

why should farm workers be exempt from the labor laws that protect all other workers?

9/13/2022 11:50 AM

This ties in with immigration. Democrats want to lower this to ensure a perk for all of the currently illegal aliens that work for farms in New York State. Following this, they will push for automatic citizenship and naturalization, with the hope of picking up a voting block to solidify their chokehold over state government.

9/13/2022 11:45 AM

If it goes into effect it will put some farmers completely out of business. The city people need to see what the reality is for farmers and labor costs.

9/13/2022 11:44 AM

Supply and demand.

goverment is doing there best to put everyone out of business

9/13/2022 10:58 AM

NO No NO....and its funny last weeks qustion about whether you were going to partipate in hunting this coming season your tally was 49.5% no and 47.3 % yes ,but the responses were overwhelmingly yes (probably 80%)....your percentages for No/yes didnt add up.

9/13/2022 10:36 AM

during planting and harvesting of crops it is necessary to have workers work longer hours because of conditions like weather. Many farm workers rely on the extra money. For a farmer to have to pay time and a half is a burden most can't afford. It's not like they can charge more for their product if dairy farming.

9/13/2022 10:35 AM

If you work more than 40 hours per week you should get overtime. You only have so many hours in your life - if you use them for the benefit of your employer you should be rightly compensated!

9/13/2022 10:10 AM

Once again, proof positive that our government is comprised of a collection of corrupt idiots. I guarantee you the brainpower behind this decision has never set foot on a farm in their life.

9/13/2022 09:54 AM