Many St. Lawrence County beaches have opened or plan to open soon offering a place for local residents or visitors to cool off this summer or enjoy water recreation opportunities such as kayaking.

Do you plan to visit St. Lawrence County beaches this summer?

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With the official start of summer just around the corner, some St. Lawrence County residents have ventured out to enjoy the many campgrounds in the North Country.

Do you plan to camp in St. Lawrence County this summer?

62.8% – No

30.2% -- Yes

7% – Not sure

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6/6/2023 08:57 AM

I wish I could. Not possible for me.

6/5/2023 05:49 PM

Higley is the BEST place for families to enjoy the outdoors.

6/5/2023 11:41 AM

With gas prices the way they are who can afford to camp?

6/5/2023 11:37 AM

Happy Happy Campers!

6/5/2023 08:02 AM

Who can afford to go camping? Seriously. Has anyone looked at the cost of living? This summer is more like cut every corner you can to survive the winter or we'll be camping permanently.

6/4/2023 06:54 PM

Backyard camping all the time!

6/4/2023 09:28 AM

Yes, I'm a full time RVer...who can afford the property taxes in this blue state?

6/3/2023 12:58 PM

Adirondacks, Black Lake, Clay-in, are all good. Too bad Power Authority "controls" so much of the waterfrontage in Massena area.

6/3/2023 01:17 AM

Getting too old for that kind of activity.

6/2/2023 04:42 PM

The outdoors frightens me, i'm like powder from the movie powder. Camping is not in my repertoire

6/2/2023 12:38 PM

I live near woods and have a pool, fire pit, playground, trampoline and everything except a boat and water to fish which we don't do anyway. Not only this, but I feel camping is a lot of work preparing and putting up and breaking down.

6/2/2023 10:45 AM

too many ticks

6/2/2023 09:02 AM

Bugs, dirty bathrooms, people drinking all night. Sleep in a hut. No thank you.

6/2/2023 07:39 AM

can not afford the charges they have to camp.

6/1/2023 06:52 PM

I would camp in the areas of Cape Vincent or beyond where there are places to shop, eat, pick berries, swim.

6/1/2023 04:34 PM

Camping is fine but I prefer the comforts of home when twilight comes.

6/1/2023 11:00 AM

Plan to as much as possible! Love the summer around here. It's short lived with winter taking over about half of the year. Got to make the most of what nice weather we do get. Happy summer everyone

6/1/2023 10:53 AM

too many bugs. BUT, I will visit those that do....

6/1/2023 09:31 AM

No. We camp, but outside of St Lawrence county. Not many options for short term camping in the county unless you reserve a site months in advance. Unfortunately camping has become a “yuppie” pastime. The days of going camping on a nice weekend have come to an end.

6/1/2023 08:59 AM

camping fishing is the best!

6/1/2023 06:07 AM

Have our place on the River. No need!

5/31/2023 04:29 PM

At our own camp. We can’t stand the crowds at the campgrounds. We get away to get away from people.

5/31/2023 02:00 PM

No way. It’s a big infested county.

5/31/2023 12:21 PM

Staying away from ny parks and rec campgrounds some of the park police behave like gestapo!

5/31/2023 09:54 AM

too old

5/31/2023 09:08 AM

We hope to but we are farmers so it may not happen!

5/31/2023 08:15 AM

Going camping at a campground full of RVs and screeching children? Might as well pitch a tent in a trailer park.

5/31/2023 08:15 AM

Stop at the rez get some good flower then off to Barnhart for camping.

5/31/2023 07:55 AM

I will be camping in Franklin County, though!

5/31/2023 06:49 AM

Most have gotten crammed in and are over priced.

5/31/2023 06:18 AM

I will most like camp right at home. I have some beautiful land and waterfront. No need to go to a crowded campground.

5/30/2023 10:29 PM

We do not camp anymore, but did for years, here and all over the east!!

5/30/2023 08:52 PM

It depends if the spirit moves us! But we do like to go tenting on occasion!

5/30/2023 06:54 PM

I was with a man that loved camping. I grew to hate it. The only thing he was good for was starting a wood fire at night, eating like he was starving and getting drunk. I did all the packing up, unpacking, cleaning up and cooking. He spent his days staying away from the campsite playing around like a teenager.

5/30/2023 06:40 PM

Am too old now family all moved away .

5/30/2023 05:22 PM

At my own!

5/30/2023 04:36 PM

Too dirty !!

5/30/2023 04:11 PM

Best part of area. Camping and cuckolding! Great times

5/30/2023 02:59 PM

It's the best way to help you get through winter!

5/30/2023 02:41 PM

I am past the age for that.

5/30/2023 01:57 PM

I would like to. I hope to be able to.

5/30/2023 01:21 PM

It's my happy place! Good friends, campfires and smores!

5/30/2023 10:49 AM

Love being in the woods!

5/30/2023 09:48 AM