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A new law will now give state police the discretion to not release mugshots following an arrest. Local police agencies and deputies can continue to make mugshots public if they choose to.

Do you think mugshots should be banned?

78.5% -- No

17.6% -- Yes

4% -- Not sure

Total responses: 427

Comments: 133

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If arrested a mugshot should be released.

4/21/2019 4:52 PM

They serve no constructive purpose.

4/21/2019 4:21 PM

should become a state law involving all law enforcement agencies.......sheriffs also

4/21/2019 12:11 PM

all agencies should stop now

4/21/2019 12:10 PM


4/21/2019 12:09 PM

mug shots are for nosey people who dont have a life

4/21/2019 12:08 PM

innocent till proven guilty

4/21/2019 12:06 PM

dont brand people

4/21/2019 12:04 PM

people who are arrested are not always guilty, mug shots are only the concern of the cops, not anyone else

4/21/2019 11:10 AM

i like seeing all the Trumptards mugshots. You know the ones with rotten and missing teeth.

4/21/2019 11:06 AM

if they don't want their mugshot shown don't do the crime.

4/21/2019 10:41 AM

No to traffic traffic tickets. These dirt bags that our society has created (welfare trash) I say smear the local papers, and internet sites when they decide they want to be a chemist. Do the same for drug dealers. All those other petty crimes, do not show mug shots. I always thought having you name in the paper and a mug shot was part of the penalty of committing a crime.

4/21/2019 10:27 AM

Who cares! Another distraction for the real problems troubling this state.

4/21/2019 9:45 AM

of course not

4/21/2019 9:30 AM

We as the public should be able to see the faces of criminals!

4/21/2019 4:54 AM

I like seeing what Meth does to some people in the mug shots.Sudaphed should be banned and given only with a Dr prescription

4/21/2019 12:12 AM

Thank goodness my picture won’t be in the news any more!

4/20/2019 5:54 PM

Put their pictures out there for everyone to see, they broke the Law. Why does our governor keep making new laws to protect criminals , and more laws restricting the rights of working people who obey the laws and pay taxes . Its time to wake up New York and start voting in people who care about the working people that keep the state going . This is supposed to be the Empire State , not the joke the politician's are turning it into .

4/20/2019 4:40 PM

Wow, We are in debt to our eyeballs and this is what our state government is making laws about?

4/20/2019 3:48 PM

We should be able to put a face with the name of these scumbags

4/20/2019 1:44 PM

It's the public right to see the mugshot.

4/20/2019 9:49 AM

Its makes for a nice temporary scarlet letter.

4/19/2019 8:09 PM

Mugshots should only be allowed where public safety is an issue. Better yet, arrests should not be allowed to be published, only convictions should be published after due process.

4/19/2019 5:46 PM

need to know who can't be trusted

4/19/2019 5:36 PM

Democracy dies when secrecy or the right of the public to know dies.

4/19/2019 4:53 PM

A repeat offender should have mugshot released. They could be dangerous to the public. Especially sex offenders.

4/19/2019 4:43 PM

Public shame, baby!

4/19/2019 4:22 PM

I am in favor of retaining them; I hope law enforcement agrees. It makes for a better informed public.

4/19/2019 12:40 PM

Innocent until proven guilty.

4/19/2019 12:11 PM

Why would you ban something that helps people to identify a person that is dangerous.. oh... maybe it would heart his or her ! Typical Democratic Liberal ....POS....!

4/19/2019 10:05 AM

It's a lot of fun to see the mugshot of the north countries finest in the news. Like all the meth heads.

4/19/2019 8:51 AM

They can serve a purpose; however, what I am against is local police agencies having the discretion whether to release or not. Come on - one law for everybody! Let's put an end to favoritism when it comes to arrests and mugshots. How is it fair to release some names and some pictures and not all? How is it fair to protect the children of your friends and influential people who commit crimes, and to publicly persecute others? I've never once seen any retraction or follow-up when someone accused of a crime, with name and mugshot released, is not charged or is found innocent of the accusations; yet time and again I see one 18 year old named and others not. Let's make one law, one set of rules for everyone and quit with the discretionary tactics that allow a class of people to be protected while others are publicly shamed for the same exact offense! Bring back fairness and equality!

4/19/2019 8:15 AM

the person could be not guilty when all is said and done with, but a marked man

4/19/2019 8:11 AM


4/19/2019 7:21 AM

Now no mugshots? Wow seems they got nothing else to do like finding away to create jobs.

4/19/2019 5:08 AM

The important words here after the arrest not in our small towns you are guilty first which isn't really fair

4/18/2019 9:47 PM

if you are old enough to seek trouble, you are old enough to let people see your mug shot.

4/18/2019 7:21 PM

we should be able to see what the crooks look like

4/18/2019 4:02 PM

Albany wants them banned, because their mug shots will someday appear in the news. Crime being, raping the working class taxpayers!

4/18/2019 3:16 PM

The media are swines.

4/18/2019 2:02 PM

People are innocent till proven guilty, the mugshot makes them look guilty when arrested. News media is just pandering to the public's morbid fascination with other peoples' troubles.

4/18/2019 1:23 PM

release after conviction

4/18/2019 12:31 PM

Of course mugshots SHOULD be legally released to the press by all law enforcement agencies (state and local) when in their judgment, a legitimate crime is believed to have been committed . Law enforcement should be mandated that it's the publics right to know as legal enforcement has always performed in the past . (why-ever does this logistical presentation even need to be revised NOW when it hasn't been warranted before ) ; Or might it just in concept , a political ploy to change the judicial system in a "millennial way" since a younger generation is wanting to revise what prior generations have logically established for decades. Law enforcement work for the public ,and is paid by the public, and respected for their trust and professional judgment . If an arrest indeed was done, and documented on official paperwork, and the officers and their supervisors feel in their professional judgment the individual(s) met the criteria for arrest, and firmly justified by them, then why is their duly sworn responsibility, to provide their findings to society even questioned ? Those that have committed offenses /crimes that were deemed by law to be offenses , why should their identity be hidden ? Those that break society laws should be held accountable and transparent then brought to the judicial system for their decision. This is not even deemed in my mind to be logically questioned BUT makes another " smoke-screen" for those that break our laws .

4/18/2019 12:27 PM

Lets leave the law enforcement to those that are doing their job.

4/18/2019 11:42 AM

North Country justice is bias

4/18/2019 11:06 AM

If you commit a crime, then your picture should be made public!!

4/18/2019 9:23 AM

I don't think they should be banned all together. However I do think they should be held off until conviction. Hell with the amount of laws in place in NY State and the shrinking population, almost every resident remaining would have a mugshot within 20 years.

4/18/2019 7:05 AM

I think Gov. Cuomo's mug ought to be banned, or shipped some place else! Our "progressive agenda" state is giving away too many societal rights in order to curry individual votes from a minority of likely non-voters. NYS is going to pot, literally - sad!

4/17/2019 9:19 PM

I think the public should see who the outlaws are.

4/17/2019 4:55 PM

Point less.. but when commie Donnie is jailed okay!!!!

4/17/2019 3:43 PM

This is a bad idea. The public needs to be able to identify violent offenders.

4/17/2019 3:35 PM

What is gained? Public identification of those charged should be either universal or banned. If the police get to choose, it gives them too much political power. That isn’t a good idea.

4/17/2019 2:47 PM

In interest of public safety we should be made aware.

4/17/2019 2:41 PM

the public has a right to know who they need to be on look out for to keep their family safe

4/17/2019 11:43 AM


4/17/2019 7:56 AM

Not just no, but hell no! I want to see these crack heads so I can protect myself

4/17/2019 6:25 AM

Be Accountable for your actions.

4/17/2019 4:23 AM

Show the mugshots of the skumbags.How many seniors wouldnt have been victims of scott the weener man if his mug shot was shown

4/17/2019 12:22 AM

We have a creep predator in my neighborhood, I want to know what he or she looks like. Amber alerts, picture of the suspected parent who abducted the child should be shown to the world. The hell with hurting his/her feelings.

4/16/2019 8:48 PM

No. I would like a visual of who I should be forewarned of so I know to keep away from. There are people who will be deceitful and will tell you lies in order to get what they want. Mugshots will help to make an attempt to make sure no one is hurt by particular people again.

4/16/2019 4:53 PM

What the hell? Just who are you protecting? Junkies and thieves?

4/16/2019 3:36 PM

Yes. Innocence until proven guilty. Not in Trump's rural America anymore, I guess...

4/16/2019 3:15 PM

a little embaracment from a mug shot might help that person think twice before commiting a crime again

4/16/2019 2:20 PM

don't break the law if you don't want to be seen

4/16/2019 2:12 PM

according to our 14th ammendment to the Constitution, we are innocent until proven guilty. When found guilty, then a mug shot should or can be released.

4/16/2019 1:57 PM

jail them

4/16/2019 1:36 PM

Innocent until proven guilty. But some of these mug shots show how obvious the guilt is!! These individuals should be made to look at their mug shot every day, all day. Too bad they choose to waste their lives with the choices they make.

4/16/2019 1:31 PM

Bad people same to get all the breaks. A working person never gets a break. No wander people gave up an go on welfare.

4/16/2019 1:31 PM

The public has a right to know who these people are It also helps the police with investigations It's a public safety issue Don't like it, Don't commit a known crime

4/16/2019 1:27 PM

First of all, I don’t think that minor traffic infractions belong in the news. I don’t really care when someone gets a speeding or nonmoving violation. I have no worries about the average hard-working person who goes 8 miles over speed in zone trying to get to their job, or the stressed out parent who has a fender-bender in a parking lot -their bad day does not need to be in the news. However, decent people don’t accidentally get accused of child abuse, rape or selling illegal drugs. There is zero percent chance that my picture or name will ever be in the paper for a violent or drug-related crime because I don’t associate with the type of people who might result in my “accidental” arrest when I am in fact innocent. If you lie with dogs, you will get fleas and if you flirt with violence or drugs, you will eventually get arrested. I feel no pity for those people. In fact, I want to know who in my community poses a potential risk to myself and my family. If your mugshot is on the paper, you were doing something you should not have or hanging with people you should not have been. There are many serious issues which need to be addressed in New York State and it is disheartening that politicians feel this non-issue was worth a new law (not high up on the list of citizen priorities). I commend Senator Pattie Ritchie for regularly polling her demographic about which issues matter most to us and I am sure she understands that the North Country has far greater concerns that we want our government to address.

4/16/2019 1:25 PM

Probably 99.44% of the people who get arrested for a crime is guilty. So yes we the public should be able to see the photos of those people. Not only for the safety of the public but also for the people who may have the same name as the arrested person.

4/16/2019 12:44 PM

No way. There is nothing better than seeing Faces of Meth on every local news site. The pictures should be higher resolution though so you can see the pustules and sores better.

4/16/2019 12:32 PM

Release the shots! Criminals are arrested on behalf of "The People," and we, the people, have a right to see them.

4/16/2019 12:21 PM

They should Absolutely be released! How can people be on the lookout for perpetrators if they don’t know what they look like?

4/16/2019 12:20 PM

people should have the right to know who to look out for thereby possibly leading to arrests.

4/16/2019 11:51 AM

Submitting a mugshot for public view makes affecting the arrest of a subject much easier and less time consuming, especially in the smaller rural areas we have in NNY.

4/16/2019 11:38 AM

LETS SEE THEIR FACES!!! Don't give a crap about a felon's privacy...

4/16/2019 11:32 AM

Its a big help to Law Enforcement and it gives the Law abiding people the chance to do the right thing

4/16/2019 10:08 AM

Nope. Let's see what the little law-breakers are doing. I also believe it's the duty of citizens to report illegals in this country - wherever they are.

4/16/2019 9:23 AM

How are we supposed to ID a person for past agressions, or to be "on the lookout" for a person if we do not know what they look like? What a stupid lefty idea intended to "protect" the criminal.

4/16/2019 8:47 AM

Absolutely not. The only thing that should be banned at this point is that idiot governor of NYS!

4/16/2019 8:26 AM

If the person hasn't been proven guilty, then their picture should not be for everyone to see.

4/16/2019 8:11 AM

I really can't see the point unless someone is being looked for and a picture might help in that process. In any event, the "mug shots" rarely looks much like the individual once he or she is seen in person - usually cleaned up with combed hair, etc.

4/16/2019 8:01 AM

I always felt people well most people wouldn't want their mugshot in the media and kept their nose clean. Now we take away cash bail for most instances, no mugshots, seems to me the only people complaining about the mugshots being posted are people with money. You don't here the average person or the poor complaining about mugshots because they know, you mess up your picture is on the newspaper. Libs, you are hurting this state with your eyes closed shut following your leader. I am one of the struggling poor, if I had the means I would leave this state today. Instead I trudge along hoping for a windfall that will allow me to leave this state with my retirement check in hand.

4/16/2019 7:15 AM

Than we shouldn't have to have our pictures on our drivers license

4/16/2019 6:46 AM

I say it depends on the reason for the arrest. It's not a one size fits all. Some times we should see what the person looks like, and other times we don't need to. For instance, a 1st time dwi, or someone who abducted a child / murdered someone and is on the run. Why do we coddle the criminal?

4/16/2019 6:42 A

does not aid rehabilitation

4/16/2019 6:24 AM

All mugshots should be banned or all mugshots should be released! Discretion will favor the rich, white population.

4/16/2019 5:35 AM

It isn't fair to the public, to not be made aware if they have a criminal living next door. Need to know what sex offenders, etc. look like, who might live in the neighborhood. Please keep the mugshots made public of people who commit crime. Thank you..

4/16/2019 1:21 AM

We need to know what the criminals look like so we can protect ourselves.

4/15/2019 9:45 PM

For our own protection the public has the right to know what a person accused of a crime looks like.

4/15/2019 9:40 PM

It’s part of the incentive to not get arrested!

4/15/2019 7:51 PM

I want to see the face of the dirtbag.

4/15/2019 7:34 PM

Many have their lives ruined by false accusations. No need for mug shots. We are innocent until proven guilty. At least that's the way it's supposed to be. Too many innocent people in this small town have been ruined by the mug shot and picture being spread all over.

4/15/2019 7:26 PM

In this country there is a given right- Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Post the mugshot if proven guilty, but not until.

4/15/2019 6:42 PM

For serious crimes, yes. Minor stuff that will likely be dismissed, or reduced, no. I knew of a huge drug bust, and the name of the convicted man. I thought I saw him out in public AFTER conviction, and the mug shot told me it was him. Nice to know who to avoid in that case. Still don't know why he was still free.

4/15/2019 6:27 PM

if you do'nt want public to see your face do'nt do the crime !!

4/15/2019 6:27 PM

Mugshots give neighbors a heads up when it comes to a criminal in their community.

4/15/2019 5:30 PM

After our great Gov. passed the no bail law, I want to know what these criminals look like because they are out in our communities "free".

4/15/2019 5:01 PM

I think we deserve to know who is committing crimes and be aware of who is in our neighborhoods. Cant do that with no pictures of these folks.

4/15/2019 4:54 PM

Nosey busy bodies love anything that make them feel superior to others. Just because they've been arrested doesn't mean they are guilty, and it's hard to have a fair trial when everyone in the are has seen the mug shots. JUST STOP

4/15/2019 4:42 PM

Why shouldn't the public be allowed to see what a criminal looks like? I'm sure more aware if I see someone on the street what's I've seen the mug shot of. At what point does the privacy of a criminal no longer matter?

4/15/2019 4:32 PM

if you dont want your mug shot on tv dont do the crime! and you wont be judged ! this helps with getting the message out to other law officals

4/15/2019 4:17 PM

No! And, the only reason the State Police are doing this is because they are under the umbrella of the Executive Branch, therefore, are under the crushing thumb of the Governor....and, the State Police Superintendent is appointed by the Governor and therefore is his puppet (if he wants to keep his job)!

4/15/2019 2:26 PM

got balls to do it then hang those balls in the picture

4/15/2019 2:20 PM

only release after the conviction

4/15/2019 2:19 PM

Innocent until proven guilty. Why plaster the faces unless they're convicted?

4/15/2019 2:04 PM

All this means is if they like/know you they won’t release them but will to embarrass someone!

4/15/2019 1:42 PM

The perp's face is just the start of the process.

4/15/2019 12:35 PM

Yes. It is in invasion of privacy for people who haven't even been convicted yet.

4/15/2019 12:09 PM

Should only be released after a conviction. Innocent until proven guilty.

4/15/2019 12:06 PM

Innocent until proven guilty

4/15/2019 12:04 PM

we all know mugshots don't mean you are guilty, just arrested for a possible crime.

4/15/2019 12:03 PM

Smile if you're guilty.

4/15/2019 11:13 AM

New York State does knot know up from down, the State seemingly is corrupt. They make incomplete laws.

4/15/2019 11:09 AM

Publish photos only if convicted.

4/15/2019 10:53 AM

Let the public see. If anyone gets arrested for anything let them be seen!

4/15/2019 10:40 AM

Mugshots of the accused should NOT be publicized. Everyone is (or should be) innocent before being proved guilty. Mugshots of those who are convicted, yes, but be fair and include mugshots of white collar criminals, too. If mugshots of the accused are published, ALL groups of accused should be published, including those accused of white collar crimes. And while we're at it, the names and photos of underaged people who commit and are convicted of violent crimes committed should be public.

4/15/2019 10:35 AM

Being arrested doesn’t mean guilty.

4/15/2019 10:22 AM

It should depend on the crime they are charged with... if they are drug dealers, domestic abusers, or sexual offenders, then the public has a right to see their mugshots.

4/15/2019 10:05 AM

I can see both sides: If it's an arrest for an "alleged" or civil incident, like for example traffic incidents don't have pictures in the police blotter, I think that's ok. If it's a situation in which someone could harm another person (robbery caught on the property, credible rape allegations, etc) then their mugshot should be shown publicly so other people are aware of the risk. The biggest problem, in my opinion, in the North Country is the court of public opinion. People decide on Facebook whether someone is guilty or not, and I don't think that's right.

4/15/2019 10:03 AM

If you don't want your mugshot in the newspaper, Internet, or tv don't do the crime.

4/15/2019 9:45 AM

The public can be of help to law enforcement if they can identify the person in any other crimes. This will also serve as a protection and deterrent for any future situations.

4/15/2019 9:21 AM

Lets be clear - Getting a DWI, riding a snowmobile or ATV while drunk, grabbin'em by the you know what, having 10,000 guns, and burning whatever I want when ever I want are NOT crimes! Completely Exonerated! That said, all non-white, non-christian, non-hetero people should be photographed and put on display. This is America, after all. Trump!

4/15/2019 9:08 AM

No, don't do the crime if you can't serve the time.......and the photo.

4/15/2019 9:05 AM

I don't think mugshots or charges should be released until after trial and conviction. People are innocent until proven guilty. Lives are ruined when people arrest and charged then not convicted. In many peoples mind charges equate to quilty/conviction.

4/15/2019 8:48 AM

In this country you are innocent until proven guilty. A mugshot of an innocent suspect could haunt them both socially and economically for a long time. It might also negatively influence a prospective juror. Save the photo publishing for AFTER the conviction.

4/15/2019 8:29 AM

We should know what thief's in the area look like, so we can keep a look out for the trash.

4/15/2019 8:18 AM

Absolutely not! This is just progressive politics and Cuomo catering to his newest voting block- criminals! This is a non-issue and trying to make it into something other than a political ploy is smoke and mirrors at it's lowest!

4/15/2019 8:05 AM

Once again the state has nothing better to do?

4/15/2019 7:22 AM

Innocent till proven guilty

4/15/2019 7:13 AM

We have the right to be informed to protect yourselves from criminals living in our community !

4/15/2019 7:07 AM

No. They have been around for centuries. The public has the right to know who is lurking near them to prevent more crime.