College students are expected to return to Canton and Potsdam in August and some schools will end campus classes in November due to the coronavirus threat. Some schools will offer a hybrid learning experience and test for COVID-19.

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Congressional candidates Elise Stefanik and Tedra Cobb are both eager to see the economy restart, but disagree on how to assist the public.

Cobb, a Democrat from Canton who is challenging Stefanik for the 21st Congressional District, says the unemployment bonus benefit, which puts an extra $600 into the pockets of those receiving unemployment must be extended.

Republican Stefanik opposes extending the unemployment benefit. She says it’s time instead to incentivize working. She said in speaking with local businesses, a major problem she has heard is they are having trouble finding help, because the unemployment benefit pays more than their wage or salary.

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What do you feel the government should do to respond to get people back to work?

56.9% – Incentivize returning to work

25.3% -- Extend unemployment benefits


4.5% – Unsure

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Although I don't agree with Sefanik very often, on this I do agree.

7/13/2020 5:22 AM

with no bonus benefit

7/13/2020 1:54 AM

Our economy must get back to work. We know the tools to use to stop the spread so use them. We need to stop making exvuses

7/12/2020 8:48 PM

Continue standard unemployment and get rid of the extra $600.

7/12/2020 8:29 PM

people who receive the benefits have no incentive to either go back to their job or look for work! i know of several local businesses starving to find people who want to work! the system is flawed

7/12/2020 6:09 PM

Stefanik comes from extreme wealth.. doesn’t understand working class needs and to feed a family on limited income.. she supported giving billions to wealthy corporations.. no problem! We are full of empties.. empty chair in White House.. the lump!! Empty suit .. pence and stefanik .. just empty.. stefanik spends time meddling in state affairs.. should be spending time on federal issues and watching her buddy.. so called president!!

7/12/2020 4:23 PM

Business should be paying people a wage above the poverty line!!!

7/12/2020 3:56 PM

Not enough jobs exist at the moment. Not enough people are buying to sustain those organizations. And if your salaries can't keep up with unemployment, that tells us you're not paying people enough and need to raise your prices or cut CEO/management pay.

7/12/2020 3:00 PM

Billions of dollars are given to corporations.Instead of investing profits into their own capital investment, companies bought back a record $806 billion in shares in 2018, after trump's tax cuts. Giving every man, woman and child in the U.S.A. one million dollars would cost $383 million.That would leave 805 billion dollars just from those buy backs.

7/12/2020 1:59 PM

Do a poll to find out how many people would go to work to get less money. daaaaa

7/12/2020 1:50 PM

Why would an intelligent person even think it’s ok to get paid more on the unemployment benefits than at their average pay check that’s just stupid the people that are refusing to go back to work are just using and abusing the system and the people with common sense and pride know it’s wrong the whole stimulus package is wrong even those who draw county benefits are eligible or were eligible to draw stimulus of crazy amounts of money is that right absolutely no I have heard many cases of people making more money drawing the stimulus and they care not to go back to work they don’t want to go back to work They are lazy, bums, users ,looser don’t worry you bums the rest of us have dignity and self esteem we will provide for you

7/12/2020 1:07 PM

Maybe extend regular unemployment benefits to those who can’t find work but don’t pay people to stay home .most people are better off now than when everyone was working. Some people are getting extra food stamp or snap benefits and selling them plus all the other food drives.i think we better rethink what we are doing. Don’t listen to a bunch of democrats and give more snap benefits and more unemployment to people who don’t need it.get rid of pesosi,shumer and that guy that looks like Charlie Brown oh Adam shift .lets make America great again trump for president. Elise for Congress a true American.stop the dam protesting and destroying our history the statues should stay as reminders of our past good or bad go trump he’s the only one to save us now Biden is a follower not a leader.

7/12/2020 1:07 PM

Stop paying the extra $600

7/12/2020 11:52 AM

The State Government needs to tone it down a bit. Realistic restrictions for upstate as a start. If not I believe every upstate tax paying citizen and business aught to delay or fail to pay taxes this year. There is a fear of returning to work felt by businesses. If a business does give it a try the Cuomo bandit COVID Liberal police come out. Case in point was the attempt of CAN-AM SPEEDWAY to open. Even though they went way above and beyond what was prescribed they still got shot down! Furthermore they got their hands slapped by the county who loves the Governor. Hair salons had to jump through hoop's and still they get messed with. No weddings, venues of any kind upstate. Yet you can gather to protest and burn/loot in NYC? What a joke

7/12/2020 11:02 AM

Its time for everyone to get back to work again , there are plenty of jobs out there all you have to do is get off your butt and want to work . The $ 600 extra a week is just being abused by people , and why not when you can make more money staying home . Its just another example of a government program gone bad , Its time to get working again

7/12/2020 10:47 AM

They never should have started giving people extra $$$. That was just a bribe not to riot, the Romans "Bread and Circus". Now many of these people making more sitting home drinking beer and doing nothing don't want to go back to work, Brilliant! Open things up, protect the most vulnerable and lets get things going again. The State of NY is beyond broke, the nation is hurting and the left wants this to continue to hurt Trump. Enough already! Is ruining a nation really worth it?

7/12/2020 8:26 AM

cut off free benefits

7/12/2020 7:22 AM

We need to get our economy going again. Having people sit at home enjoying the extra benefits that even the essential workers haven't gotten does not help our communities get back on their feet.

7/12/2020 7:01 AM

Quit paying workers to stay home. In the Trump economy, there are plenty of job opportunities.

7/12/2020 5:56 AM

people shouldn't be forced to risk their LIVES to earn a living.

7/12/2020 12:52 AM

Help the people out that have had their work place close,

7/11/2020 9:40 PM

$600 on top of their unemployment benefit is insane. Should have been some but not much.

7/11/2020 9:34 PM

tRump and Elise are butt buddies. They are the problem with this country. They both need to go down the road with all the Rump lickers.

7/11/2020 8:24 PM

its time to stop making this a cash cow for the bums. time to get back on track.

7/11/2020 8:01 PM

The $600 bonus should end. It was good temporarily because we were hit so quickly with Covid-19. Now it is time to get back in the game. It's too easy to get comfortable with unemployment insurance and the bonus.

7/11/2020 4:02 PM

The precautions that need to be taken to prevent NY for following Arizona, Florida and other states with alarming surges in the new Covid cases mean that going back to work isn't possible for many. This is all part of responsible disaster relief.

7/11/2020 2:55 PM

Although a democrat, I agree with Mz. Stefanik. The unemployment bonus is a great perk for those of us enjoyig an exteneded summer vacation. Being unemployed is tragic, remembering the beginning of this covid crisis, and I applaud the federal govt. coming to our rescue but it is time to move on and try to get back to as close to normal as possible.

7/11/2020 2:46 PM

You want people to work? Quit paying them not too! You want people to respect police? Force officers to serve and protect. ( not avoid and harass ). You want people to act like responsible adults? Start at the top with President that does. ( not some wealthy, low life, philandering, cheat )

7/11/2020 1:29 PM

Perhaps Stefanik should check out the health reports from the South and Mid-west. Jobs come back. DEAD PEOPLE DONT!

7/11/2020 12:17 PM

Forcing people back to work too soon could increase the cases and death toll from COVID-19. Look at what's happening in other states that pushed re-opening!

7/11/2020 10:31 AM

Its not free money, someone somewhere is paying for people to sit on their couch....

7/11/2020 10:07 AM

Rep. Stefanik is advocating for a return to a nomal economy, but that paradigm is over. Opening businesses won't make them profitable to operate in a runaway pandemic. Many jobs are just gone, and will never come back. I support an idea more like temporary basic income. This would give people options regarding work, whereas today, many workers feel trapped at home or trapped at work.

7/11/2020 9:37 AM

Open up and get to work. Congress should try doing their jobs and passing an infrastructure bill to help this situation. They won't though, it's an election year.

7/11/2020 9:28 AM

Elise Stefanik has no other interests except that of her own and her president. She only makes an appearance "to help the people of the North Country" when it benefits her at election time. The best thing that could happen for the North Country is that she is voted out in November.

7/11/2020 9:25 AM

There are people who don’t want to go back to work and can incentivize work enough already

7/11/2020 7:55 AM

Remove the benefits that never should have been there to begin with.

7/11/2020 7:49 AM

Cut all funds to the scum that have been leaching off the system for years.

7/10/2020 11:29 PM

People have an incentive to work already. It is called survival. Making people desperate in a time of pandemic conditions for purely political reasons is not the answer and it is not leadership. Elise is part of the DC cabal that downplayed this killer virus and they have to answer for the deaths that continue to follow. Shame on Stefanik and shame on Trump!

7/10/2020 6:12 PM

Why should people get back to work if they're not going to be safe at their job? NO ONE is expendable. Why should people have to choose between staying safe and paying their bills? If unemployment pays more than wages, then people aren't getting paid enough at their jobs. Maybe businesses should incentivize working by paying people better.

7/10/2020 3:44 PM

The reason why disability benefits, both by private insurers and Social security only allow a maximum benefit of 66 2/3 is to incentivize people to return to work. The only reason this is being pushed now is the socialist left want to use it as an opportunity to get people used to socialism and destroy work ethic by making them dependent on government.

7/10/2020 2:50 PM

I think it's time the essential workers get a turn to get some bonus cash. The ones keeping the country running and making less than those on unemployment deserve some kickback. Kickback can be based on how big/profitable the company they work for is and can come from them instead of tax payers. Walmart isn't hurting. their CEO can buy one less yacht this year and pay their workers a thank you for working thru this for less than they would making staying home. That's harder for a little shop though, smaller business can have the stimulus come from the government.

7/10/2020 1:29 PM

I wish the government would stop taking money from my paycheck to give to people who choose not to work.

7/10/2020 12:45 PM

If people refuse to work cut ALL benefits to them now and in the future. That extra $600.a week is bull crap I've worked straight through so far and I haven't received any thing extra. Don't give anything for returning to work . They should be happy they have a job.

7/10/2020 12:12 PM

You can't ask people to "get back to work" when there is no system in place to test and track covid-19 effectively (let alone treat it). Not to mention, everyone's job is not sitting and waiting for their return. There are jobs that are gone for good, and there have not been an equal number of new jobs created.

7/10/2020 10:53 AM

I am a construction Manager, working on an essential project. I have see first hand the lack of returning tradesmen to my project. the men that did return stated they did return because their employer would have notified the system. Elise is correct. We need workers to return to work if things are to be back to normal.

7/10/2020 9:30 AM

Has anyone ever noticed that ms. Stefanik never fights for anybody that’s not already a millionaire?

7/10/2020 8:11 AM

Put aside political differences and work together for solutions rather than strategize reelection.

7/10/2020 5:35 AM

We had employees leave because they are "making" more sitting home than working. We have increased pay levels and still cannot fill positions. It is clear to see who is anti-capitalism and. Cobb and her ilk need to be defeated.

7/10/2020 5:32 AM

if people are being asked to return to work and refuse, they should be let go. no more unemployment or extended benefits. we cannot keep footing the bill.

7/9/2020 10:07 PM

too much easymoney

7/9/2020 9:15 PM

Stefanik is a Trump hack. Whatever he says, she shakes her head yes. They both failed us on COVID-19.

7/9/2020 8:38 PM

Lazy people want free money. I have to work for mine they should too.

7/9/2020 6:53 PM

it is what it is.

7/9/2020 5:39 PM

Extend, but not necessarily as much! You shouldn’t get more on Unemployment than when you work! If your employer calls you back AND you do NOT go, the unemployment check should STOP.

7/9/2020 5:29 PM

The world can't live off of the dole forever. Let us get back to work.

7/9/2020 4:56 PM

If they can bail out wall street and big business then they can bail out the American people because 1200 doesn't go a long way.

7/9/2020 4:49 PM

There is going to be a lot of pain come August if something isn't done. 32M unemployed and no sign many of them are going back to work any time soon.

7/9/2020 3:09 PM

Stop paying people to stay home.

7/9/2020 2:37 PM

There should be a limit on how many weeks one can receive the extra $600; that would incentivize returning to work. That said, I lost my job five weeks ago and have received no unemployment or $600 payments. If and when I do, that extra $600 would be very helpful. Even though I lost my job in June instead of March, it's still directly COVID-related.

7/9/2020 1:55 PM

No.... it's really time to get back to reality and endorse that " loose funded money that's itchy to get out there " and issue the $$ to the likes of so many constructive projects "Wounded Warrior , Homeless Shelters , Food Banks" etcs along with so many other viable programs to assist our American needs !! Getting a Bonus of $2400 in addition to an unemployment check I feel, was a motive to buy voters, ( we all know that) but to financial logical minds was irrational and bizarre in normal Economics 101. We all have to agree there are jobs out there constantly appealing to those unemployed and who are actually looking, and especially with minimum wages allotted soooo high with no experience necessary, it's time for those at home to maybe want to check them out .. they are indeed out there and as the ol' saying goes .... " try it .. you may like it " !!!

7/9/2020 12:29 PM

We should have a support system for payrolls enabling businesses to retain their employees.

7/9/2020 10:55 AM

Tedra is just a puppet for down-state Democrats period!

7/9/2020 10:26 AM

Provide incentive to safely return to work.

7/9/2020 9:40 AM

The additional $600 has made people lazier than ever. It never should have been put in place and needs to stop immediately. The only thing it accomplished was to make people even lazier. If people want an extra $600 in their pockets then WORK FOR IT! There are plenty of jobs available.

7/9/2020 8:20 AM

Stefanik is an idiot and is a trumper. She doesn't know what she is talking about.

7/9/2020 8:18 AM

Get back to work and stop relying on your Govt mommy to provide for you. I have worked the entire duration of COVID while people sitting on their rear ends have pulled in more money than I did by working. Enough with incentives to be lazy. People that pull govt checks are like toddlers. They want their every need provided to them by someone else. If they dont receive that need, they throw a temper tantrum. Cut off the inflated unemployment checks and people will get back to work naturally, no further stimulus is necessary.

7/9/2020 7:46 AM

Incentivize businesses to make it safe and attractive to return to work. Help business offer salaries that pay more than $600 a week. Help businesses with the additional costs of cleaning, social distancing etc. No one should have to work in risky conditions for a low wage.

7/9/2020 7:31 AM

typical liberal response, pay people to stay at home.

7/9/2020 7:07 AM

Stefanik does not care about science, truth, or us. We will be much better off with Tedra Cobb.

7/8/2020 10:37 PM

Better to pay employers to keep workers on payroll. The SBA Grants did this but only for 2 months, and the closures went on much longer. If the government money does not support small businesses as a priority, these workers won't have jobs to return to after their unemployment runs out- with or without the bonus.

7/8/2020 9:49 PM

Elise Stefanik is right , many people have been getting paid more money than they made working and have no incentive to work for their wages. The essential people have been working short handed with limited supplies. Time to get people back to work, wear mask, social distance, wash hands, work for your wages! Unemplyment needs to change back, one size does not fit all. You should never make more money to stay home and not work! Then you have business owners and professionals with large debt going bankrupt on 600$ a week unemployment! Keep the federal college loans interest free, especially if you are an essential worker working thru this covid 19 pandemic

7/8/2020 8:34 PM

Pay rates are not livable or sustainable? But corporate socialism is? Stefanik needs to represent the people not the Corporate Brothers.

7/8/2020 8:22 PM

Stefanic, a Trump buffoon has no leg to stand on where any concerns about doing right are concerned. A stooge at Trumps embarrassing Oklahoma debacle, she has lashed herself to the wrong mast. How can she deny constituents in need when the loans intended to assist small businesses survive the (fake) pandemic were scoffed up by Trump allies, megachurches including the Scientologists, K West, Trumps golf some shame. Oh, wait, MAGA means show no shame, screw thy neighbor, pretend to be a patriot and line your own pockets with public money. Cobb, I would vote for you if you over Stefanic if you represented the rubber chicken party. Make her go away.

7/8/2020 5:29 PM

I know many people who are still working through all this and said its a shame people on unemployment is making more than they are working because of the extra $600.00 they get some wished they were laid off so they could've gotten more money and paid more of their bills off

7/8/2020 4:57 PM

In my area, people have gotten permanently laid off. Where in NY-21 are they looking for help, Ms. Stefanik?

7/8/2020 3:54 PM

If people refuse to go back to work, stop their unemployment. They have been getting extra money for staying home. While people like us, who have been working through this, get nothing.

7/8/2020 2:42 PM

The extra $600 a week was a wasted effort. It would have made more sense to simply extend the weeks of unemployment.

7/8/2020 2:26 PM

NCPR ( North Country Propaganda Radio) should stop all the doom and gloom reporting of china virus just to help democrats get Trump out of office. Your liberal bias is really showing. I say this is a government agency because it's government funded, you know, with your tax dollars.

7/8/2020 2:20 PM

vote for stefanik not stupid cobb!!!!

7/8/2020 2:20 PM

People making a good faith effort to go back to but can't should receive the benefit. Those who are asked to return to work but want to stay unemployed and ask not to go back should lose their benefits just as if they quit their job.

7/8/2020 1:53 PM

I am a aged 60 and I worked the whole time. I have neighbors that were not working and they got the unemployment benefits plus the extra 600/week for both and they are getting more money than when they were working. I feel people should work or get just regular unemployment no extra. Schools delivered food to homes with children and food banks supplied extra food to families. I don't see why anyone would want to extend the 600/week benefit.

7/8/2020 12:12 PM

COBB & BIDEN 2020!

7/8/2020 11:38 AM

A. Require unemployed to once again provide proof of job search. B. If a job offer is available, immediately cancel the "COVID bonus" from unemployment for that person if they don't go back to work. If they refuse a 2nd job, remove unemployment payment. 3. Pay a one-time $2000 bonus to anyone returning to work in NYS.

7/8/2020 10:51 AM

The $600 unemployment benefit is doing more to keep people out of work than putting them back on the job. This amount of benefits equates to roughly an annual income of over $38000 per year before taxes . Why go to work are the feelings of a great many people, but in the end the taxpayers will be paying off the debt that this kind of aid has created. The pandemic needs to end and will not until people start taking it serious and protecting themselves. Not wearing some kind of mask is utterly crazy. When we first started protecting ourselves, the disease declined. What about now? Facts are facts and cannot be denied. Not protecting yourself and others is just plain stupid, but as they say..You cannot fix stupid!

7/8/2020 10:32 AM

Every employer I have talked to has had problems getting people to return to work because they are making more money sitting at home !! The Democratic plan for ruining the Trump economy is to incentivize workers to stay home and not return to work ! Meanwhile the people who had to continue to work through this virus made less money than the people sitting at home earning more money than they made working ! Lunacy ! The economy will take care of it's self and is better off than when dummies in Washington attempt to fix it !

7/8/2020 10:26 AM

most difficult problem to handle is making folks understand that working is better than living off government. Help wanted signs are everywhere.

7/8/2020 9:56 AM

its called a job for a reason! go get one. you shouldn't be rewarded for having to work!

7/8/2020 8:59 AM

Everyone wants free stuff which leads to socialism and communism which is the demorats agenda.. Nothing is free. Your freedom and liberties are consequently eliminated. Capitolism works, Preserve America, go to work, make America Great again !!

7/8/2020 8:44 AM

Things are going well here, taking all at a slow and careful pace. We dont want to end up like states in the south. Listen to the governor!!

7/8/2020 8:14 AM

Two people in a row boat each have an ore. Sadly, they have been getting no where as each has their own idea in how to command the rowboat. When they decide to work together, then will the two people in the row boat actually get to a destination.

7/8/2020 5:51 AM

There are plenty of jobs out there. People just need to go to work. We need to even put the welfare people to work

7/7/2020 11:05 PM

The government, and their so-called Covid experts, need to get out of their citizens' way. They are the problem...from the start of this whole thing up until now. Blinding hate for Trump and trying to ensure his presidential legacy is a failure at every cost is the Dems only agenda (could you imagine what greatness this Country would look like if they worked with him instead?). The Republicans are not sure what they should be doing. Trump's 'get it done' style of 'action over table talk' is got them as confused as Basement Bounded Joe Biden. They have been so comfortable and without concern in governing in their swamp company with the Democrats for so long, I think they forgot about who and what they are elected for...US! Who ends up paying in this s**t show? You and I of course. And sorry Tedra, I'm sure you are a nice person, but your political character as County Legislator and in last run for Congress is one of a proven lefty gun grabbing, tax to death (and beyond), tree hugging Democrat too radical for most your North Country neighbors. Your stance on monetary handout to solve this debate is not surprising. Who is eventually going to pay for this Democratic vote-buying freebie (which is never free)? I have a pretty good guess...said this writer whilst reaching for his wallet...again!

7/7/2020 10:25 PM

Take away the extra $600 and people will want to go back to work. There should not be an incentive to go back to work. People who have been working all along didn't receive an incentive to stay at work.

7/7/2020 10:16 PM

Too much government control in our lives - and now it has become a standard

7/7/2020 8:58 PM

If you refuse a job offering.You loose your unemployment check. Thats the way it was years ago,why not now???

7/7/2020 8:49 PM

Don’t contribute to any democrat entitlements. They want to keep people down and dependent on Uncle Sam. Someone has to pay for any of their giveaways. They want the economy and country to be in turmoil. When Trump wins in Nov., you’ll see the economy will roar back. Keep Joe in his basement.

7/7/2020 8:39 PM

I personally know of several people who have been called back to their place of employment and have outright refused to go back because they are making so much more on unemployment and sitting at home. Very unethical to say the least. Enabling people to not work is not the answer. It is just another form of welfare abuse.

7/7/2020 7:56 PM

I am deemed an essential employee I have continued to work throughout the pandemic without any incentive/ bonus pay and most weeks not even a thank you. stop the additional $600 on schedule. Once the additional $600 stops those who are unwilling to return to work will have no choice and based on employer termination when They refuse to return to the job I would guess ALOT of people will be job hunting or just chose to live off the system until something better comes along.

7/7/2020 7:37 PM

liberal dems of course want to extend the benefits so they can sit on their butts and do nothing but drain the cash cow

7/7/2020 5:20 PM

We need to be very careful about getting everybody back to work too soon or we will end up like Texas and Florida. Just pay people unemployment benefits for now. This will pay off in the long run.

7/7/2020 4:35 PM

Since this is just a place for people to spew political nonsense regardless of the question and since you don't seem to care what goes on here short of curse words, why hasn't anyone brought up the fact that there is a local person that has access to the President? Jenn Pelligrino, from Canton, is a reporter for OANN and has been mentioned by President Trump and has been in on multiple press briefings. Are her parents not proud of her accomplishments? Is a picture of a lady hanging out with Kenny Chesney more news worthy than a White House reporter? The priorities of this website are just click bait with not much substance. Yeah, we're small and yeah, our majority might not be the brightest bulbs, but it's kind of neat that something like this exists, yet no one has mentioned it on these pages of "local news about local people"

7/7/2020 2:13 PM

If people can return to work, they should. Obviously there will be some that cannot due to staffing cut backs or their employer not being able to bring back all staff. There should be more communication between gov't and employers to find out who can return to work and who can't. Offer additional assitance to those that legitimately cannot return to work and cut off the assistance for those who can but choose not to.

7/7/2020 1:19 PM

The people who have worked the whole duration have basically received nothing other than their regular pay. In many cases, that is less than what they would have received if they had been laid off. Doesn't make sense to me.

7/7/2020 1:10 PM

I’d stay home forever too for an extra $600 a week. That is such a pathetic response. We MUST incentivize people to return to work. It is insulting and demeaning to pay people for NOT WORKING and expect “essential workers” to continue to work for minimum wage. Cobb is a disgrace to the American way of working for a living.

7/7/2020 12:43 PM

Pay people more to stay home than they could make working? This was broken from the start.....

7/7/2020 12:02 PM

They must apply for jobs....if they are picked...they must go back to work.....if their prior employer calls them back....must return to work. No unemployment if you refuse work.

7/7/2020 11:59 AM

Businesses need to open so people can go back to work. Paying them to stay home is insulting and offensive to all of us still working our forty hours a week so they get to hang out at home. If you want to hand out cash to get elected hand it to the hard working "essential" employees that have been slugging their way through the 'vid.

7/7/2020 11:45 AM

who didn't see this coming??? Go back to work!! Some of us never got the free money, we had to keep working, so get your asses back to work!!

7/7/2020 11:45 AM

Cut the extra $600 for the unemployment NOW! Start paying the essential workers that are making less than $60,000 a year that $600 per week as hazard pay!

7/7/2020 11:17 AM

For those who truly need them, unemployment benefits should be extended given job losses caused by these unprecedented times. Just saying “get a job” when there are temporarily next to none available for many with limited skills is irresponsible. I worked over 40 years and am now retired, but still pay plenty of taxes that I hope best support the needs of our society including unemployment, healthcare, education, supporting the elderly and disabled, and other special public services for those who do not of the means of adequately supporting themselves even if it’s only temporary. Such spending is almost like charitable giving to me now. Aside from all government waste and misdirection, most of our taxes still helps society get by in a civilized manner. That said, I once supported Elise, but over her time in office I’ve learned through her voting record, official actions and public comments, that her very privileged upbringing and career to date are exposing views that more clearly do not represent mine. I am one of many lifelong Republican former Trump/Stefanik supporters who will be sadly voting the blue ticket this year as the GOP has lost its way. I can’t wait to hear the “fake news” claims about the election outcomes this fall, but our Republican leaders brought it on themselves by not working together during difficult times and representing all for the greater good.

7/7/2020 11:10 AM

If you make more on unemployment than working, would you go back to work? They need to get people back to work now.

7/7/2020 11:05 AM

I agree with Stefanik. We need to stop filling the pig trough and let these users figure it out on their own. Making more than working ! Give me a break ! You PEEPS need to get out of NY then. What is with the DMV Not working either ? Taking appointments 1 day a week. Get your sh......t. Together and open. If the rest of businesses can wear a mask, so can you public servants ! These government jobs are really soft and cushy. Says a lot about the people who have them.

7/7/2020 10:47 AM

Make sure all businesses insist that employees and customers wear a mask, wash hands upon entry and when leaving, and practice physical distancing! Also, there needs to be more cleaning going on. This virus is not going away and we can't assume that acting like it's not out there is going to make it go away.

7/7/2020 10:33 AM

They are BOTH absolutely F'ing STUPID! In order to get people back to work ...Get rid of BOTH parties and the WHO/CDC, then and declare this Fraud/Scam on the Murican people and the world ...OVER!

7/7/2020 10:32 AM

The essential workers are the only ones who should be getting incentives

7/7/2020 10:16 AM

No one should have to go to a job which endangers their (and their family and friends) lives. Perhaps continue with unemployment payments without the incentivized amount tacked on. The feds, I believe, made a mess of things by sending money to retirees, people of wealth and other, typically nonqualifying folks as, I believe, a method to keep ordinary folks eyes on themselves and not on those who already have more wealth than average and yet were gifted with enormous amounts of $'s.

7/7/2020 10:04 AM

I would not trust anything Stefanik says as she has lost all credibility blindly supporting that moron Trump

7/7/2020 10:01 AM

Stop paying people to do nothing - lets get people back to work with safety measures in place.

7/7/2020 9:45 AM

Of course Cobb wants the benefits extended. That's the liberal m.o. - get more people dependent on the government.

7/7/2020 9:18 AM

If you extend the unemployment benefits they will NOT want to go back to work..

7/7/2020 8:53 AM

This has to end we need our lifes back. Not a state of fear

7/7/2020 8:51 AM

Are you kidding me? Where do these lazy ass slackers think that money is coming from? FROM THE TAX PAYER which you are not if you are not working! Cut the benefits and make these leeches get a job!

7/7/2020 8:41 AM

Stefanik’s is right; unemployment is a great hold-over for a loss of a job, but should NOT be a deterrent causing those to avoid a job. Unfortunately, Cobb and her DEM leaders encourage “socialism” where the government will take from those inspired to work for a living to give to those that would prefer to live “off of those hard working folks!” The DEMS goal is to have a large population eating out of their hands (i.e. social programs) and thus reap the Voting support of their voter-charges! C’mon folks, get off your duffs and WORK, and enjoy the fruits this country’s democracy offers you; you just might surge ahead of many others and actually amass some equity in life, while the lazy live off a socialistic system and achieve “worthless no-body status!” In the 50’s we used to refer to socialists as “COMMIES,” today the DEMS refer to themselves as “socialist DEMS,” I SAY, “SAME DIFFERENCE!” jhd

7/7/2020 7:53 AM

"incentivize working" = more people getting the virus.

7/7/2020 7:48 AM

Socialism DOES NOT work.

7/7/2020 6:55 AM

take away the extra $600 a week

7/7/2020 6:51 AM

First any TAX monies that is used to subsidize companies, like green energy. They must be USA companies and 90% of their machines must be made in the USA. Any NYS tax monies used to purchase equipment that equipment must be made in the USA! I for one would be willing to pay a little higher taxes because of this.

7/7/2020 6:46 AM

Nothing is free our grandchildren will be paying for all this bailout

7/7/2020 6:10 AM

Giving people money to stay home and not go back to work is stupid, Stop the money train, Make them go to work!! The free ride is over! Go to work!

7/7/2020 6:08 AM

Apparently Elise doesn’t understand the unemployment rules! If you are unemployed and you refuse to return back to work or except another job offer, you will not receive any more benefits. She is another politician that became a millionaire after being elected. Check it out.

7/7/2020 5:52 AM

St. Lawrence Sam for President!! Anyone but tRUMP 2020

7/7/2020 5:01 AM

i've asked people who receive this extra $600 weekly, if they would go back to work if the benefits are extended - the answer was loudly, NO WAY! This is the most $ i've ever made! Cobbs spews the Socialist Manifesto, do what we say and we'll take care of you. Congresswomen Stefanik understands this economically and practically that what is needed is to incentivize people who are working with some form of bonus pay or perhaps free healthcare. We must get the country working again. i spoke with my cashier today at the grocery store about this unemployment bonus. i asked him about the raise given because of this Wuhan virus, he said it was only for 2 weeks. So here is this man working hard for us maybe making minimum wage and being subjected daily to hundreds of people possibly infected with this deadly virus.Seems to me the worker should get the extra money, call it hazard pay. VOTE STEFANIK!!!

7/6/2020 11:50 PM

Let the people go back to work if the jobs are still there,why give them free money?

7/6/2020 9:19 PM

never should have added the $600. the regular unemployment system should have been allowed to function. if the lockdown continues then extend regular benefits for another quarter.

7/6/2020 8:47 PM


Until it is safe to go back to work and school, we must follow public health protocols. It is possible to do that and get the economy going, but without a national strategy in place that covers both sides of the issue, we must err on the side of social distancing and stay at home. New York has shown it is possible to contain the virus; the rest of the country is headed in the wrong direction. Hardly a surprise given who our Great White Father in Washington is.

7/6/2020 7:55 PM

Enough is enough, let's get back to work!

7/6/2020 7:54 PM

The 600 dollar benefit has hurt local business from rehiring. The unemployed are now looking toward perminent disability!

7/6/2020 6:42 PM

Cut the extra 600 out . and if they're called back they need to go or lose their Unemployment .. Enough of the free rides ..We need to get back to work.

7/6/2020 6:25 PM

Stefanik is out of touch with the North Country!

7/6/2020 6:14 PM

I know businesses that need workers back, but people are making way more with current unemployment rates than they did working. WE should encourage people to work.

7/6/2020 6:05 PM

Vote for Cobb,kick Stefanik and trump into swamp,

7/6/2020 5:57 PM

How do you incentize jobs that arent there...and how do you help families trying to pay bills, take care of kids, homeschool, and be able to afford healthcare. We need Tedra.

7/6/2020 5:27 PM

with the uncertainty of jobs at the moment and the possibility of going back to 'shelter in place' as the virus resurfaces -people need money to survive- the stress of our present world is bad enough without the added burden of wondering how to buy food-rent- utilitites etc. This extra help should be available until there is a vaccine and everyone can go safely back to work-

7/6/2020 5:20 PM

Reward those helping us recover and see what that does for the Economy because right now there is no evidence of helping workers either way making a difference.And hyperbole is not evidence .

7/6/2020 4:57 PM

Don’t give them unemployment if they can work, I mean able to work not be a Democrat and expect everything given to you, it is not free I pay for that and many others than work for a living

7/6/2020 4:20 PM

What is incentivize working going to look like?

7/6/2020 3:55 PM

Typical Democrat. Cobb. Wants everyone on gov. Assitants. She would suck what little life is left out of st.lawrence county. Lets get people back to work!!!!

7/6/2020 3:24 PM

Take the extra benefit away and they will go back to work. That was a joke anyways. Lots of people worked during the pandemic and saw NOTHING extra....except the higher risk of getting the virus because they had to be out working. The people that worked through the pandemic should, at a minimum, receive some type of tax incentive.

7/6/2020 3:21 PM

They've got to get off the free ride and back to work

7/6/2020 3:09 PM

See that's Taxin' Tedra for you. Typical democrat, "don't worry about working...the government will take care of you". I agree with Rep. Stefanik, provide incentives for people to return to work. Tedra couldn't even win her own county during the last election, that should tell you all that you need to know about her.

7/6/2020 2:47 PM

Google Nesara or Gesara. Also visit And quit watching tv as well as "social media" It rots your brain.

7/6/2020 2:45 PM

Going too fast the virus is running wild slow down the federal government has unlimited money trump is a total idiot

7/6/2020 2:17 PM

Communism/Marxism does not work. Only Capitalism will bring us out of this. People being paid NOT TO WORK is not the answer.

7/6/2020 2:11 PM

Cut everything to zero. Force the workforce back to work!

7/6/2020 2:05 PM

While the extra $600 was helpful in the beginning, now that the "virus" has slowed in NYS it's time to get back to normal and work! I believe that the $600 is keeping people home and employers are having a hard time filling positions because people are indeed making more staying home than going to work. Unfortunately, many have not elected to have taxes taken out and will most likely pay dearly come income tax time!

7/6/2020 1:59 PM

Quit showing increased cases due to increased testing Quit allowing this virus to be politicized by the media Quit painting this virus as an extremely lethal pandemic Quit giving "free" sh#t and expanded unemployment benefits under the guise of helping Start giving true data and facts of infection versus mortality rates that are current

7/6/2020 1:18 PM

If the Dems would just get out of the way and stop interfering, small business employers would start to succeed again.

7/6/2020 1:12 PM

Is there a good answer to this question? I don't really think so. We are lucky here in NNY. The shut down has prevented the North Country from seeing the worst of the virus. We should be able to return to work with some level of comfort, but many companies have not returned to business as normal. The jobs might not be there to bring people back to. If we let the community around us decline due to lack of social safety nets, those of us still working will feel the effects also. Lift the least fortunate among us and it will lift the entire community. This being said, these individuals/families will benefit the most by having a job that pays a living wage. We should do all we can to foster economic growth (buy local, buy local, buy local!), but historically our area is slow to recover and we should be aware of this fact when making these decisions. .

7/6/2020 1:01 PM

Extend the benefits; It won't cost much if Feds can get back the over $1.3 billion they sent to deceased individuals in the 1st distribution of aid.

7/6/2020 12:59 PM

It time to getting people back to work. What is the incentive for them to go back if they are making More money on unemployment.

7/6/2020 12:56 PM

time to get back to time

7/6/2020 12:23 PM

Many local businesses are struggling to get workers to return to work, former part time employees are even receiving the extra $600, making far more than they di when they worked.

7/6/2020 11:46 AM

living off of government provided cash is not a good way to make our economy boom, the extra 600 dollars for unemployment should end.

7/6/2020 11:33 AM

There should never have been a $600 unemployment on top of their normal unemployment. Maybe $100 - $200 at most. Why would people want to return to work when they are making a lot more on unemployment.

7/6/2020 11:18 AM

Each has its good points and each has negative points

7/6/2020 11:16 AM

Stop the extra 600 dollars a week.We as a country can’t afford it and it’s making people lazy and dependent

7/6/2020 10:55 AM

Work or loose your unemployment checks. I know of to many people refusing to work because they are making more money being laid off.

7/6/2020 10:20 AM

It is time to get back to work. This is ridiculous. But the people unemployed can't help it when states don't let the businesses open up either. This nation is in too much debt since Covid thanks to the Democrats adding stuff in that had nothing to do with Covid to add to our debt.

7/6/2020 10:19 AM

As an employer, we need to incentivize returning to work. We are trying to hire and people are asking if we will pay under the table because they don't want to give up the $600 extra/week. It's time to go to work - we want to hire you!

7/6/2020 10:13 AM

Employers can “incentivize” their employees to return to work if they refuse to return. Report them to the labor department. If they refuse work their benefits will end.

7/6/2020 10:13 AM

Neither approach is valid when there are few jobs available in northern NY.

7/6/2020 10:13 AM

The first and foremost thing the government should do to get people back to work is to not vote Democrat ever. Especially now that they are all jumping on the Woke Train to Commie-ville. Those bastards keep enriching themselves while demanding more taxes to support those that don't work but who will vote them into office every time. We need the sword of truth to swing and fall through Congress and clear out the corruption.

7/6/2020 10:08 AM

Businesses should get real. Unemployment pays what is the average living wage. If employees are getting paid more to have unemployment than their jobs, then companies have to realize that they are paying a less-than-living wage. If you are a business and unable to pay your employees a living wage, then you are not a good business person. Invest in your employees and they will return to work. Why should the government do anything - these folks probably voted to "drain the swamp" so stop living off the rest of us.

7/6/2020 9:48 AM

If course Cobb would be for not working she is a Democrat. I say get off your butt and get to work and get this economy back. Let's get rid of the welfare state of mind. Elise is so much more qualified than Tedra. Tedra just can't understand that we don't want her. Get the point or is she as ignorant as Hillary?

7/6/2020 9:43 AM

i know several people who declined to return to work because they were actually making more on unemployment than they did working because of the weekly bonus benefits. doesn't affect me either way as i have not been employed in 6 years and live completly off my homestead/hermitage, i don't stop working, ever, but nobody pays me for anything. all i see from the unemployment handouts is incentive for people to not work and just stay home playing their video games and drinking all day

7/6/2020 9:37 AM

You can only get back to work when there's work to get back to. Most would rather work than not. Stop treating people like unruly children. That's what the wealthy always do, treat us as if we're lazy bums. They don't "earn" their wealth, it's handed to them because the system is made by them for them.

7/6/2020 9:37 AM

Opening too soon is a death sentence to some. Look at the south!

7/6/2020 9:35 AM

Our country can not survive unless everyone works and contributes. People need the sense of satisfaction being productive and able to provide for their families.

7/6/2020 9:27 AM

If there is work for them then they should go back to work..

7/6/2020 9:12 AM

Cut off the $!! Force them back to work.

7/6/2020 8:57 AM

People need to work

7/6/2020 8:54 AM

Democrats always want to give away someone else’s money. Tedra will say anything to get votes. I am a registered Dem.

7/6/2020 8:48 AM

The people who had to keep working are tired, about time some of rest are allowed too help

7/6/2020 8:28 AM

Root-toot-toot neighbors! St. Lawrence Sam here with your weekly guide to Patriotism and general anti-commie thinkin. Hope you all made it through a glorious 4th weekend and remembered that we honor not just the day Thomas Jefferson captured Hitler, but the lives of all white heros of the South who fought to make us the nation we are today! Gettin on to buisness, the question today is simple - you got beeeaauutiful little missy Stephanik representing us and out savior Dondald J vs that commie Tedra and her do good efforts for equality, fairness, and integrity. Can you imagine what a mess we would be in if we ran government with fairness and integrity? Well, fear not because missy Stephanik has never done one single cotton picking thing with intergrity! No, sir - she is just like her mentor Donald J when it comes to the truth and fairness - she ain't havin NONE of it! Ha, take that ya commies! So, good folks of the 21st, the choice is clear, you can vote for ol'Tedra if you want transperency and justice, or you can do the RIGHT thing and help keep our sweetheart in office and vote for Elise! Remember, if you value your AR-15, protections from fairness, and the rights to stay drunk behind the wheel of your unregistered ATV, the choice is clear! Trump 2020!!

7/6/2020 8:25 AM

I know someone got called back but would go.he is making more not working.this will only have to be paid back by people working

7/6/2020 8:22 AM

Stefanik is nothing more than Sarah Palin 2.0. The North Country needs rid of her.

7/6/2020 8:21 AM

End the free unemployment benefits of $600 extra that will get everyone back to work

7/6/2020 8:20 AM

Time to end the free ride!

7/6/2020 8:12 AM

more government payments will stop people from returning to gainful employment , it also transfer more debt for the next generation to pay, a payroll deduction tax cut would be more useful

7/6/2020 8:10 AM

Employers should pay better wages in this danger from infection.

7/6/2020 8:06 AM

i'm sick of handouts, i want a hand up

7/6/2020 7:58 AM

Because of welfare, and now, extra UI benefits, employers have had trouble finding good workers for decades. A work ethic should be incentivized. Print publicly Cobb's resume of the total years she's been employed in her lifetime. Most spouses of self-employed people find jobs with good benefits in order to get health insurance, etc. for their families. Didn't Tedra give up one of those good jobs?

7/6/2020 7:58 AM

The extra $600 for unemployment has to STOP. If you can't prove that you don't have a job to return to, or that you have a Covid affected person in your household to care for GET BACK TO WORK. That money has to come from somewhere and it's coming from tax payers. I worked through the pandemic and have family members who are still waiting for their damn stimulus check. They didn't get an extra $600 per week either, so why should we pad the pockets of people capable of working??? Further more, why "incentivize" returning to work? When have we ever had to rub someone's back and say "Come on sweetheart, here's a cookie, it's time to go to work"? Go to work or go hungry. Just like the rest of us.

7/6/2020 7:44 AM

Taxing Tedra needs a reality check. This area needs long term jobs! The $600/wk comes from the tax dollars of the workers. How much does she think the majority of essential workers are making? Try minimum wage! Tedra wants to take more money away from the working poor.

7/6/2020 7:43 AM