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With snow season well underway in St. Lawrence County, did you use snow tires this year?

64.4% -- No

35.6% -- Yes

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Here are your comments:

Yes, my bicycle has snow tires and they're studded. Too bad the roads are deadly, not only with potholes but also bad drivers who can't bear to pay attention to the road and other road users rather than to their devices and car dash displays. Killing machines they are.

1/31/2023 09:03 AM

Snow tires make such an amazing difference that I can't believe I waited so long before starting to use them.

1/31/2023 08:41 AM

Dog sled

1/31/2023 08:24 AM

I use Blizzak snow tires all wheels every year

1/31/2023 07:45 AM

Yeah, I got the Bidumb brand, thanks Joe!

1/30/2023 05:45 PM

I am a skier have been out in storms for decades ,driving a couple of hrs to get to the mountain . I drive both an OUTBACK and Rav4 and have never ever had snow tires on them and hive never had a problem . When i first started skiing i drove Saab Turbos and also had zero problem , been thru many whiteouts and my Saabs all 4 on the floor just kept moving like tanks

1/30/2023 04:16 PM

Yes. With all the problems in this country this is the only question you could think of? Let’s educate people ask real questions of interest.

1/30/2023 02:50 PM

It does make a huge difference…unless you are talking about the village’s potholes. The village should be liable for the cost of replacement.

1/30/2023 02:40 PM

If you put winter air in your tires you get better traction

1/30/2023 02:07 PM

I have all season tires on my AWD car. In my opinion, all season tires are just as good as winter tires.

1/30/2023 12:19 PM

They make all the difference in winter driving!

1/30/2023 11:42 AM

gave my teenager snow tires with studs. It's better in the snow that my AWD SUV

1/30/2023 09:20 AM

People need to slow down & respect all driver’s !! Stay home off roads if your not working or appointments…. People are just very selfish

1/30/2023 09:10 AM

Please we need snow tires. Biden is going to send some.

1/30/2023 08:09 AM

Hopefully other people do the same or else you'll either be stuck or swerving around.

1/29/2023 07:52 PM

Although the roads should be in better condition than they are. Drive to Hannawa and your tires will take a beating. A GOOD paving job needs to be underway this year!

1/29/2023 06:15 PM

Had all weather tires

1/29/2023 01:31 PM

Not yet. I might still put them on.

1/29/2023 10:06 AM

Yes with studs as well

1/29/2023 09:24 AM

New All season this year. Could not find separate rims for snows and don't want to pay to have 4 tires re-mounted twice a year.

1/29/2023 08:07 AM

Get out the old studded tires. It is a must for here.

1/29/2023 07:02 AM

We still want to know how much the "toilet gardens" cost us taxpayers! Do not say "nothing" !!! When you use insurance, the premiums rise do they not?

1/28/2023 02:57 PM

in last week's survey, someone commented how the ice storm was as bad as Trump's presidency--too funny! so 2 years later and you're paying 20-50% HIGHER prices foe everything! How do you like your boy now? (and you get another 2 years!)

1/28/2023 01:55 PM

Drive an old Ford 150. Goes through anything.

1/28/2023 10:30 AM

4WD all-weather

1/28/2023 10:25 AM

No snow tires needed here in Sunny Florida. Suck it up buttercup.

1/28/2023 08:21 AM

Yes, off course!

1/28/2023 08:14 AM

All wheel drive vehicle

1/27/2023 10:55 AM

always studded snow tires for snow and ice season!

1/27/2023 10:30 AM

I have all season tires

1/27/2023 08:49 AM

Snow tires are for snowflakes. I'm running slicks on the Malibu and Generals on the Ram. Tires don't matter one bit cause I can't afford to buy gas no more. After my next check comes, I'll be down to Stewarts for some Fritos and gas. MAGA.

1/27/2023 08:43 AM

I use quality A/T tires on my truck. More people need to pay attention to their tires in winter - it is the only thing that touches the road after all...

1/27/2023 08:29 AM

4 new all-season touring tires! And, I had a coupon!

1/26/2023 03:30 PM

who in tarnation can afford snow tires, thanks to that evil Biden and dem wretched dems? i'm forced to walk uphill, both ways, to get my beer and smokes at the local bar where I enjoy hangin out wid the fellars and chasin tail. .

1/26/2023 02:54 PM

retired and only drive good days

1/26/2023 02:25 PM


1/26/2023 08:29 AM

Why waste more MONEY Republicans are here to STEAL our Social you Republicans are proud for voting them in !!! I sure won't be coming to any of you for help!!!

1/26/2023 08:27 AM

No, with all weather tires, all wheel drive and a little common sense when driving, snow tires are a thing of the past

1/26/2023 08:20 AM

Seriously we can not afford the gas for the car. Tires are very old and close to bald. Maybe Biden will send us new tires? He created the mess were in. His l democrats are destroying the middle class.

1/26/2023 08:18 AM

If you don't have 4WD or AWD, you better put snow tires on. Studded are best but even non-studded winter tires are much better than all season radials.

1/25/2023 06:25 PM

Can't afford them FJB

1/25/2023 04:54 PM

Slow down and drove carefully and you will be fine. And put the darn phone down.

1/25/2023 04:47 PM

Does anyone still use "snow tires?" Most people I know just use all season radials. At the price of tires these days one set is all most people can afford. And usually from Walmart sad to say. All the other places charge to high.

1/25/2023 04:03 PM

I am retired if it snows I don't leave my house until the roads are bare

1/25/2023 02:52 PM

I never have used winter tires, high grade all season get the job done for me and I've been driving for 48 years.

1/25/2023 12:39 PM

All season

1/25/2023 12:36 PM

I haven't used Studded Snow Tires since the early 1990s. I use all weather all year.

1/25/2023 10:18 AM

Yes! On all 4 wheels. Snow tires are much better in snow than supposed "all season' (3 season) tires.

1/25/2023 10:07 AM

They are a requirement on Hondas.

1/25/2023 09:45 AM

all weather

1/25/2023 08:38 AM

No. All season tires on AWD vehicle.

1/25/2023 08:19 AM

All season radials work just as well for my driving needs.

1/25/2023 08:05 AM

Yes, they make a big difference on snowy roads and driveways!

1/25/2023 07:49 AM

If you live here in this hard winters you must own a 4WDR vehicle.

1/25/2023 07:36 AM

Always change to snow tires in winter, far better than all season tires on North Country roads.

1/25/2023 06:47 AM

Don't need them with 4 wheel drive.

1/25/2023 05:53 AM

Have never used snow tires

1/25/2023 02:01 AM

With the prices we are "Forced" to pay for necessities I can't afford to have them installed plus they reduce gas millage. F biden and the morons who voted for him.

1/25/2023 12:52 AM

Snow tires, my tires are bald as a peach. Who needs snow tires?

1/24/2023 10:47 PM

I dont have a vehicle and only have one leg so its rough

1/24/2023 10:28 PM

I never have. Not needed if really bad, we stay home

1/24/2023 09:32 PM

When I was working, I did use snow tires. But now I'm retired, I use all season tires, for if the roads are bad, I don't have to get out, and can simply stay home until the storm is over

1/24/2023 09:20 PM

No, I moved to Florida.

1/24/2023 06:56 PM


1/24/2023 05:40 PM

Waste of money, just buy good all terrains when you buy tires issue solved never have or never will buy a second set of tires for snow

1/24/2023 04:52 PM

Have all terrains on the Truck and SUV.

1/24/2023 04:33 PM

I'm enjoying the warmth of Florida

1/24/2023 04:28 PM

I use all terrain tires all the time on my truck. All season radials on my wife's car. Both are 4WD.

1/24/2023 04:14 PM

I have all weather tires and they work great.

1/24/2023 04:13 PM

Yes, rather be safe than sorry!

1/24/2023 04:01 PM

Use to use studied but retirement ended that

1/24/2023 03:40 PM

Snow tires are a liberal conspiracy aiming to take away our freedoms.

1/24/2023 03:20 PM

Team O'Neil 5-day school graduate. Raced in numerous rallies in Europe and North America as driver and co-driver. But, I am still using real snow tires that go on in November and come off in April, driving slowly, and respecting mother nature unlike you wannabes.

1/24/2023 03:15 PM

There is no need to buy snow tires anymore . Companies now sell all season severe weather rated tires that are around the same price that you can use year round .

1/24/2023 03:05 PM

My vehicle has all season radials and it full-time all wheel drive.

1/24/2023 02:48 PM

Hoping all weather does the trick

1/24/2023 02:38 PM

Every year!

1/24/2023 01:50 PM

Never have

1/24/2023 11:48 AM

i have all season tires and 4 wheel drive:)

1/24/2023 11:35 AM

So called all weather tires are not adequate in northern NY

1/24/2023 10:44 AM