The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now urging all Americans to wear a non-medical facemask when going to grocery stores, pharmacies or other public places in addition to social distancing.

Do you plan to start wearing a mask following the CDC’s recommendation?

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Since social distancing began due to COVID-19, have you taken up any new hobbies or gotten back into old hobbies?

52.3% -- No

46.1% -- Yes

Total responses: 193

Comments: 104 

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Thanks to King Cuomo the virus is now in St. Law. Co.

4/6/2020 7:17 AM

Old fashioned artisan soap making, with lye water and oils. A very creative hobby that results in soap, which we all need now :)

4/6/2020 12:53 AM

I've basically lived an isolated life most of the time since I became a widower almost 9 years ago. I go to work because I am essential staff at a Sunmout IRA. Glad to do it. In my off time I enjoy music like I always have at home. It's my hobby, it's very enjoyable!

4/6/2020 12:30 AM


4/5/2020 11:34 PM

Been completing Spring cleaning inside of house and out.

4/5/2020 7:12 PM

Parents, now's the time to teach your kids all those life skills everyone's talking about. Another important one is how to be alone. Friends and family will not always be around in any stage of life. Teach them how to entertain themselves. There's nothing sadder than an adult who can't be alone for even five minutes.

4/5/2020 6:05 PM

I doubled the Garden size

4/5/2020 5:05 PM

No, I am retired and I have a lot of interests that keep me busy. Maybe, a little more tv.

4/5/2020 4:13 PM

After this all we’ll need is a buggy - we’ll have enough children!

4/5/2020 3:17 PM

organizing photos, spring cleaning, binge tv watching, playing board games

4/5/2020 2:47 PM

My life is restricted for on hold waiting for Cuomo is tell us when we need to wear Haz Mat suits when leaving our home.

4/5/2020 2:38 PM

I have been doing social distancing for years ! Groups of people annoy me.

4/5/2020 12:04 PM

I have been spring cleaning, riding bike & walking. I think it is great to see families with children outside spending time with them. This concept of spending time with children has gone by the has taken the coronavirus to have that happen again. Maybe someone is telling us something !!!!

4/5/2020 10:25 AM

Only watch fox news,the virus is spread when a democrat cpeaks.

4/5/2020 9:08 AM

Three solid weeks of cleaning and rearranging shop workspace to make it in to a blacksmith shop. Still not done! . Sure would like to see more sunshine and warmer weather! .Saving on gasoline, bigtime...

4/5/2020 8:38 AM

Who has time for hobbies when your still working and have spring clean up to do

4/5/2020 7:37 AM

Spring housecleaning, cleaning closets and drawers

4/5/2020 6:44 AM

I am not taking any precautions because the tRump said it was a hoax and I drink the cult 45 ale. Stupid idiots.

4/4/2020 7:01 PM

Drinking more alcohol beverages,eating more food, using socks for toilet paper

4/4/2020 6:28 PM

Learned new software program, trying to make cleaning the cellar into a 'hobby'.

4/4/2020 5:55 PM

New hobbies include; annoying my spouse who is trying to work her job from home (When will dinner be ready? What's for lunch? Could you make me a snack and bring me a beer during your next break?), learning Spanish because I've discovered my overpriced cable package is at least 50% such and not my native English (and they show better stuff!), making a DIY ventilator in case needed (amazing what you can make from a lawnmower motor an two old toilet bowl flappers!), and trying my hand at a 300 piece puzzle instead of the grandson's 12 piece. Old hobbies include; watching my frisky neighbors come and go all times of day and night as usual (aren't we suppose to doing more to "staying in place" during this time?), walks with Granny in the woods at sunset, then read'n her North Country Now over a smooth cup of hot tea in catching up on the best news and updates in our area before we're off to prayers and bed. In meantime, Granny says to stay safe all, especially you providers of essential services in our communities. We love and appreciate you for your unselfish efforts to our needs!

4/4/2020 3:51 PM

In fact, the isolation and boredom has made me stop doing the things that I normally enjoy.

4/4/2020 2:03 PM

Raising my 8-year old grand-daughter, so my extra time is spent with her-playing, walking & home-schooling. I have totally isolated us to keep myself healthy to continue my life with her. (I am over 70.)

4/4/2020 10:57 AM

I have not, other than to watch the survey results to see how many others have used the opportunity to post childish and ignorant comments.

4/4/2020 9:33 AM

Sewing more

4/4/2020 7:38 AM

Relearning violin

4/4/2020 6:45 AM

Naked twister, except now thats on hold due to the ringworm outbreak.

4/3/2020 5:26 PM

reading and crosswords

4/3/2020 2:48 PM

No new hobbies, no time. I still work every day and study in the evenings. No extra time since COVID19, I've lost time if anything.

4/3/2020 1:48 PM

Great time to take up the guitar.

4/3/2020 12:50 PM

Playing my clarinet, reading more, and continuing my antisocial behavior !

4/3/2020 12:08 PM

i have been working non stop. Thats what happens when you work in healthcare. You take care of everyone else except your own families.

4/3/2020 11:43 AM

My new hobby is watching all the white neck arctic hillbillies from the non- American Walmart store parking lot show their tremendous amount of ignorance in every move or speech they attempt to make. Boy is this north country ever going down hill in a single generation. Welcome all methbats , drugheads , pot heads , or zombies. Call it whatever. Talk about a dirty , overweight generation. Hygiene People ! You stink !

4/3/2020 11:42 AM

Reading and drawing

4/3/2020 11:21 AM

Continue to do same things

4/3/2020 8:43 AM

I was reading the news release from the st Lawarence public health and the comment was they didn't have time to update the map. April 2nd, this is not acceptable, people in the county are looking for information so far St Lawarence county is doing a terrible job of informing the public. No one is asking for names or addresses just location of the positive cases. It is clear the folks in charge are clueless.

4/3/2020 7:27 AM


4/2/2020 4:46 PM

Watch less tv .. become sick To my stomach watching trump lie and empty suit behind him nodding his head!! Will give credit to Cuomo.. usually don’t agree with him but he’s showing leadership and doesn’t lie. !!!

4/2/2020 11:17 AM

Knitting, starting seeds for garden, making xmas tree deco on band saw and scroll saw,animals etc for children and watching ouit the window for EDSELS going by.

4/2/2020 11:09 AM

I wish I had the time. Im too busy working as I am an essential worker in the health care field.

4/2/2020 10:56 AM

Why are so many people disregarding the stay-at-home order? Don't you realize how bad this is? Maybe you think you are too far removed from this, you are NOT!! You say you don't believe it is bad or you are essential......who is going to do your so called self designated essential job or take care of your family when you are on a ventilator in the hospital. Be smart people, this is serious.

4/2/2020 10:43 AM

A lot of odd jobs around the house are getting done!

4/2/2020 9:42 AM

I've been pulling up Trump 2020 no Bull Sh*t banners from folks lawns and moving them around town. The goal is to place them all wherever Robar has a toilet installation. Why not? these two losers seem like they are meant for each other.

4/2/2020 8:12 AM

asked to come out of retirement as 1st responder for rescue squad

4/2/2020 7:36 AM

Grandparent trying to home school for my grandson. His parents are essential workers. The new math is a struggle for me with my 7 yr. old grandson. So thankful for his teacher to help us.

4/2/2020 6:26 AM

still serving all the fat butts their fast food cuz we are essential. Cook at home you lazy poopheads

4/1/2020 11:20 PM

Jigsaw puzzles and lots more steps out walking, easy to maintain safe distances doing both.

4/1/2020 9:18 PM

I'm doing more yoga with online videos and I'm catching up on sewing and mending projects

4/1/2020 2:21 PM

Cleaning the house - de-cluttering!

4/1/2020 12:42 PM

Watch the news to see how many stupid people go out socializing! They don't know who's got this COVID-19 but people go and party, that's more important, than their health. There was NO REASON for those students to come back to Potsdam Suny campus, there is NO classes! STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!

4/1/2020 11:39 AM

I am still working, I wish I was able to be home

4/1/2020 10:12 AM

A wise person once said that we all reach a level of inaction. That is, no matter how much free time we have, we are apt to do the same things (chores) as when we have little free time.

4/1/2020 9:41 AM

I only continue the same hobbies -reading, knitting.... I don't have more time than before since I'm still working, from home.

4/1/2020 8:34 AM

Learning how to bake bread

4/1/2020 7:17 AM

the traffic is no less, by the look of store parking lot there as full as ever.

4/1/2020 5:22 AM

Trump is a coward and lies,lies ,lies

4/1/2020 12:02 AM

Surviving brutal trollish comments intended to spur public rage, and regularly helping my students who read these comments understand what news is.

3/31/2020 10:01 PM

No time... working 12 hour days 7 days per week from home now

3/31/2020 9:01 PM

I would answer this, but I’m noticing the responses you choose not to publish. I have to use high standard media.

3/31/2020 8:02 PM

Started going for walks 3 times a day and reading books that I haven't had time to read.

3/31/2020 7:22 PM

As a quilter I am scavenging scraps of fabric to sew .Waiting for more fabric to arrive by mail. Play l ots of solitaire.

3/31/2020 6:55 PM

Always have hobbies to do..a lot of reading and spring cleaning!

3/31/2020 6:41 PM

Unless a new hobby includes watching the news and trying to find out the truth about covid 19 and precautions.

3/31/2020 6:36 PM

We are planting a bean garden.

3/31/2020 5:49 PM

Building the new addition since the economy has slowed down.

3/31/2020 4:15 PM

Still working, so no changes, Hobbies haven't changed, since my biggest hobbies are just hiking, kayaking and anything else we can do outside.

3/31/2020 2:38 PM

Doing a lot of puzzles and wife a lot of knitting.thank goodness for net flicks

3/31/2020 2:24 PM

Not yet. Still spending (way too much?) time on the news, also working out the kinks on working at home. Maybe next week.

3/31/2020 2:19 PM

Drinking more Wild Turkey. I have to be loaded to watch tRumps need briefings. Waiting for the generators to be delivered to NYS.

3/31/2020 12:16 PM

Well unlike the vast majority of the readers who are home from work all day, I haven't taken up watching online porn and playing video games all day. The apocalypse doesn't mean you have to take up dirtbag habits or stop being an adult. This isn't the first plague we've faced as a human race, it won't be the last. A bunch of with weakened immunity will die, a bunch will survive. This thing will mutate and mow down more of us. Its the way things work.. There are too many of us and some of us are buttholes who eat bats or tinker with deadly pathogens in a lab that they shouldn't be. All in all this actual real world problem will give all the middle and upper class white folks who vote liberal something legit to focus on instead of what sex they want to be or how they can be a surrogate offendee for some group they ultimately know nothing about. Also, this means maybe the remaining members of the Grateful Dead will stop touring and playing their lame music.

3/31/2020 10:59 AM

My hobbies are vomting as I watch the libs & dems posture to look important as the republicans lead this country. TRUMP 2020!!

3/31/2020 9:07 AM

FOX News 10 hrs per day! MAGA !!!

3/31/2020 1:56 AM

Still begging the ole lady to put out, nothing new, hopefully the girlfriend is in the mood

3/30/2020 11:09 PM


3/30/2020 10:52 PM

I participate in Mass on EWTN. Pray rosary daily. Pray for our President who is doing a great job. Pray for those who oppose him that they may join in doing what is right. Pray for the conversion of Gov. Cuomo to see the wrong he is doing.

3/30/2020 10:06 PM

Got my Ham Radio station up and running and cleaning out buildings full of my life's collection.

3/30/2020 10:03 PM

Practice Target shooting,putting up more security cameras,making d security improvements on my property and stocking up on essential items from stores

3/30/2020 9:00 PM

I am still working from home and have a bit more free time to get more accomplished here. I have to say this is quite a dumb question and the liberal moronic answers will be in full swing to this one! I have to wonder if any of them will cash the check coming that OUR president is sending. Guess that makes him YOUR President, after all. TRUMP2020, keeping American Great!

3/30/2020 8:42 PM

Yes, guns and ammo.

3/30/2020 5:35 PM

Not gigging, so i'm producing music videos and play-along tracks.

3/30/2020 4:57 PM


sewing and knitting

3/30/2020 4:36 PM

Cleaning house Cooking more Saving money Arts n Crafts

3/30/2020 3:04 PM

No, I have not taken up any new hobbies or gotten back into old hobbies. My general day has been to go to work, come home after the midnight shift, fall asleep. The only difference is not having to interrupt sleep to pick kiddo up at school. So, getting better quality of sleep. Somedays I wish I had the time off, but still appreciate the opportunity to put into practice what I have always been learning, and that's living on limited resources. So, it's definitely a testing period. What can I improve on, sort of thing.

3/30/2020 3:01 PM

Lots of pot and frequent masturbation

3/30/2020 2:35 PM

Ordered some fishing supplies. Haven’t been in awhile.

3/30/2020 1:22 PM

Why doesn't the Village of Potsdam have any Covid-19 information on their website?

3/30/2020 12:48 PM

I'm deemed an "essential" employee in an "essential" business. Therefore, no new or old hobbies. No time for that. My angst is through the roof. Can I trust the public to be practicing proper hygiene and social distancing? Unlikely. And it would be great if this country had adequate leadership on the federal level. Thank the heavens we have a great governor in Andrew Cuomo.

3/30/2020 12:44 PM

Since we are off work I have been getting some spring cleaning done. Thinking that I won't have to do it when we do get back to work. I will be ahead of the game. :)

3/30/2020 12:30 PM

I sit on my bum and watch TV and eat. See no one, speak to no one, hear from no one. IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE!

3/30/2020 11:40 AM

Painting the indoor ceilings and walls at my place. ;-)

3/30/2020 10:57 AM

Spending time with the wife

3/30/2020 10:50 AM

I am just going to drink my beer and be happy....

3/30/2020 10:29 AM

I've been walking more with my daughter, but this cold spring weather makes it hard some days.

3/30/2020 10:05 AM

Yes, woodworking lots more.

3/30/2020 9:54 AM

I've started walking daily and did house jobs!

3/30/2020 9:28 AM

Still working to earn a paycheck.

3/30/2020 9:15 AM

most of my current hobbies, group bicycle, group running club, group paddling club have been cancelled. Yes i can do these activities by myself, but i miss the social component, my friends brought to the activity - having social time made the sport more fun. now it's lonelier. Since most other events are cancelled, i have a little more time for home renovation work and reading. (Yay)

3/30/2020 9:10 AM

We live in the country and have always been pretty self sufficient and solitary. Ground work and maintenance have taken up most of our time.

3/30/2020 8:52 AM

Birding, walking, puzzles.

3/30/2020 8:43 AM

started spring cleaning.

3/30/2020 8:29 AM

I am crocheting, going thru files, reading. Doing things that I haven’t had time to do lately. Trying to keep busy

3/30/2020 8:23 AM

I am working out more but also munching. My neighbors are getting the free lunches the school provides....they are all over 18 but they have a family member that works in the high school kitchen that told them no questions will be asked. So they are taking advantage of it and some more of their family members are doing it too. It's a huge family by the way. Sad that these low life's are doing it there should be a better system in place since I pay taxes for the nonsense! It boils my blood!

3/30/2020 7:39 AM

Looking forward to garden work ,and fly fishing

3/30/2020 7:32 AM


3/30/2020 7:21 AM