We don’t cause our own cancer
Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 10:54 am

To the Editor,

Why do you continue to publish the so called “research” and conclusions of the Cancer Action spokesperson? As a two-time breast cancer survivor, and advocate for survivors, I can say without reservation that the cause of breast cancer is complicated and not completely understood.

It is easy to point fingers at government and research and support groups for failing to disseminate your “proof” that breast cancer is caused by chemicals in our food, but it is shortsighted. Women get breast cancer at an alarming rate in this country. It is devastating and frightening to receive a diagnoses of breast cancer (or any cancer, for that matter). To suggest that we are causing our own cancer with food choices we make is only a small part of the picture, and actually, cruel. All women who get this diagnosis question all the choices they have made. It’s a nasty game of self-recrimination, but it does nothing for our health or survival.

I do not believe Mr. Hassig has a medical degree, or even works as a researcher in a major cancer research center. He’s just a person who is interested and probably reads all the research he can. I did the same thing when I was diagnosed, and information is useful, but understanding your own cancer, how to treat it and how to make some lifestyle changes that may prevent a recurrence, are very personal, individual decisions.

We aren’t causing our own cancer when we get breast cancer! To suggest something this stupid does a disservice to all women who have or have had breast cancer.

Get off your high horse, Mr. Hassig, and keep your obnoxious opinions to yourself. You’re not helping.

JeanMarie Martello

2X Survivor, Canton