Town taxpayer says vote yes for dissolution
Monday, November 7, 2011 - 12:28 pm

To the Editor:

A town taxpayer says yes to village dissolution.

Yes I know my town of Potsdam property taxes will go up.

Yes I’m tired of reading about the village & town officials bickering each week.

Yes I know change is tough.

Yes we still need police services.

Yes I am tired of Potsdam being perceived as anti business and development.

Yes I was tired of watching Jim Sheehan’s Lawrence Avenue project being turned down.

Yes I still can’t believe we turned down the Wal-Mart sewer and revenue proposal.

Yes I still can’t believe we created our own sprawl by putting Lowe’s on the Rt. 56.

Yes I still can’t believe the water tower debacle and raising water tax to village residents.

Yes I still don’t understand the hydro dam folly and lack of bonding for the construction project.

Yes I don’t like higher property taxes in the future but understand it is necessary.

Yes I think we need one form of government.

Yes I believe dissolution will only help the entire village and township moving forward into the future.

Yes when dissolution happens, all parties involved can decide on taxes and future growth.

Yes special thanks to Village Trustee Steve Warr for moving this process forward whether it is passed or not—Remember NO other board member originally supported it.

Can the village board keep going down the same fiscal path without taxing village residents out? No, no, no.

Yes the time to change is now–vote dissolution–for the future generations.

Scott E. Smalling

Hannawa Falls