Take care of the roads we already have
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 11:33 am

To the Editor:

I was reading a recent letter that was posted from Richard Phillips (“Approving U.S. Rt. 11 Appropriate Thing to Do,” Letter to the Editor, Feb. 1-7) in regards to the “rooftop highway” that a formed group has been trying to get off the ground.

I have to say that I could not agree with Mr. Phillips more when it comes to this so-called “dream” highway. That’s all it is, and all it’s ever going to be is a dream to this Northern Corridor group.

You folks have to face reality that this project is never going to happen no matter how much you complain that your money was taken for the “studies” on this project.

What you need to do is face the facts that we need to keep up what we have now with U.S. Rt. 11. You can’t tell me that a 4-lane highway will attract more businesses that will come to town knowing that we have this “rooftop highway.”

Let’s keep up with required maintenance on the existing roads that we have, be it a 2 lane highway like Rt. 11 or our secondary roads that really need the state money to keep them up to snuff.

This project is not only a waste of time for our state leaders, but also for our department of transportation people who are right to want to upkeep our existing roads and not some dream of a few people.

Chris Cyrus