Reservations canceled, no warning, no ‘Sorry’
Friday, November 5, 2010 - 3:04 pm

To the Editor:

I am currently a graduate student at SUNY Potsdam. I am going to graduate with my masters in biology-science education in May 2011. I cannot wait to share this day with my family and friends.

When graduation 2010 came around I told my parents to find hotel rooms right away because I knew that they will need to book a hotel room a year in advance, for graduation. My parents had booked two rooms at the Best Western University Inn in Canton. They had no problem booking these two rooms for the special occasion. My parents even called to confirm the reservations a month later, in June. However, four months later my mother received a phone call from Best Western stating that her rooms “were not really available.” They did not apologize for over booking, they did not even state why this happened, they simply said “your rooms are lost” and hung up the phone.

When my mother called me to tell me that there was no place for her to stay all the way to Syracuse, even in Canada, on graduation weekend, I was furious. How could Best Western be so rude, and cancel the reservations without even a simple “sorry for the inconvenience.” I would just like to state do not stay at Best Western University Inn, unless you want your rooms to be canceled without any warning.

Karen A. Moch