Redlich would represent the people as governor
Thursday, October 28, 2010 - 10:20 am

To the Editor:

Why Warren?

Looking for a New York State Governor who isn't a pawn of special interest and who actually has a plan to eliminate spending and shrink government?

Looking for a NYS Governor who believes the elected officials in Albany are there for the residents of NY and not the other way around?

Are you concerned about the erosion of individual rights and why the government feels like it should dictate who loves who, who goes to school where, what doctor you can see and when and if you are or are not entitled to protect yourself and family in the face of danger?

Does the idea of the state broadening its rights to eminent domain to "....bring all that power from western and upstate NY to downstate..." like candidate Cuomo said he'd do if elected worry you?

Is it important to have a Governor who has created a small business, who has lived abroad, who pays his taxes, provides for his family and has an open mind to change or would you rather have a Governor who says he's part of a Tea Party - yet supports Chuck Schumer like Paladino does or one who says he's an outsider but has been spoon fed by a Daddy who was Governor and a buddy (Bill Clinton) in the White House who allowed him to create and set up Sallie & Fannie Mae?

Which Governor do you trust more to help our struggling state budget; one who manages lots of $20-$50 donations and believes in disclosure or an individual who won't share who gave a parking lot $55,000 to give to him?

Do you really want to change Albany or do you want to have three men in a room, run the state as they have for so many years?

So, as you cast your ballot for Governor ask yourself the following:

Do you support the status quo? If so Cuomo is your candidate.

Do you support someone who attends Tea Parties but gives donations to Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton - then Paladino is your candidate.

If you remember your anger with the Circus in the Senate and you're tired of Sheldon Silver and his rubber stamp in the Assembly then you need to vote for Warren.

If you believe in limited eminent domain and government then you need to vote for Warren.

If you believe in individual rights, accountability in government along with government transparency, then you need to vote for Warren.

If you've had enough of the special interests and the party puppets, then you need to vote for Warren.

If you want a Governor who does his homework and then checks with experts instead of having someone who checks with his funders and pollsters, then you need to vote for Warren.

If you're like me and you can no longer support the dysfunction in Albany, then you know why I will be voting for Warren Redlich, Libertarian candidate for Governor on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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Mike Paestella