Puppy beaters should go to jail
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 11:44 am

To the Editor:

The question was asked last week (in the NCNow Survey) about what should happen to a man that beat his eight week old puppy to death for relieving itself on his floor.  

What would happen if he goes unpunished for such a crime?  

I found the following story in the news this morning.  In case there is any doubt about the usual course of events with men this violent, here is more evidence.  Poor child, left in the care of this raging animal.  

Jail is too merciful a fate for these men.

Throw the book at the puppy beater.  We will be watching closely to see what our DA does with this case.

Here is the story:

“A Chicago boy was beaten to death Friday on what family members said was his fourth birthday.

“Christopher Valdez died at his home near 51st and South Trumbull Avenue, in the city’s South Side. A police spokesman said it’s believed the boy died of blunt force trauma.

“Family members said the boyfriend (arrested for this murder), two weeks ago severely beat a dog for relieving himself in the home. They said they’re in shock that a grown man could take out so much anger on a child.” Something to think about.

JeanMarie Martello, Canton