Potsdam Farmers’ Market finishes a good year
Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 12:24 pm

To the Editor:

The Potsdam Farmers’ Market underwent a lot of changes and challenges this year. Despite a bumpy start in the early season due to our relocation, the market ultimately grew stronger as the season progressed. For this, we have a multitude of people to thank in their various roles in helping the market to succeed and flourish.

During the opening ceremony, Jim Dear’s alpacas drew much interest and enjoyment. Evans & White loaned their Igloo beverage jug to us for our fruit punch.

As the weeks transitioned into warmer temperatures, singers Barb Heller and Kevin Irwin and drummers Len Mackey and friends gave an ambience of lovely strains and high energy to the market site. The Veils of the Nile brought an international flavor with their sparkling costumes and fluidity. Market Lanes bowling donated bowling pins for our fun-laden cabbage bowling, a big hit. GardenShare’s Chef Sarah Tulloch shared her local produce. A solar oven cooking demonstration also utilized farmers’ fresh produce to cook up fresh soup. Thanks to Chelle Lindahl for sponsoring this unique and green activity.

Gerard Monnat, also a market vendor, designed and installed our decorative, festive new sign. The St. Lawrence County Health Initiative gave a hugely generous donation of hula hoop kits, playground balls, and skip ropes for our Kids’ Day. Making this day enormously fun for the kids were the enthusiastic ladies of Gamma Sigma Sigma. These young adults organized and conducted the activities for the whole market day. Hula hoops abounded!

Village officials John Hill, Jim Murphy, Lori Queror, Fred Haans, and Bruce Henderson worked hand-in-glove with the market at every turn. Without their support and work, the new site would not have evolved. Also, many thanks to the Planning Board that approved the new sign and the flag.

Barb Roscoe and Katherine Lang spearheaded a new project, bringing farmers to the Potsdam WIC clinic. This networking introduced young parents to the farmers’ market concept. Ruth Policello incorporated our market into “First Saturday,” which introduced college students to our offerings. The market is now a proud member of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce—many thanks for approving our application. Our inclusion in the Potsdam Festival has afforded us great exposure.

Greg Bouchard from HankFest gave a most generous donation for a new market sign. With a shoestring of a budget, we are very grateful for this gift.

A board of directors was formulated this year. Many thanks to Pamela Maurer, Bob Josephson, Salena Minter, Heather Wenzel, Kathy Fuller, Andy Yoder, Marylee Ballou, Mary Strong, and liaisons Jim Murphy and George Arnold for advising and working with our farmers and vendors.

The hardworking farmers who work dawn to dusk in sweltering sun and hand-numbing cold to bring you nature’s bounty are nothing short of heroes. The crafts artisans, specialty item vendors, and all the other vendors deserve an equal round of applause for their talents and energy. We sincerely look forward to serving our loyal customers next year.

A heartfelt thanks and gratitude to ALL of you for a season of growth and an excitement for things to come.

Juanita Babcock, manager

Potsdam Farmers’ Market