Opinion: Use voting to help with climate change, Edwards man says
Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 8:36 am

I was so pleased to read a short article by Cheryl Shumway about a group of people who gathered in front of the post office to bring attention to the desperate and expeditious need for all of us to get involved in protecting our planet from the ravages of the current occupants of our White House in Washington, DC.

The EPA, formerly known as the Environmental Protection Agency, is now behaving as if they are “Environmental Pollution Advocates”.

Nicholas Filannino nailed it when he said; “I just want to challenge everyone here to vote and to bother the young people in your life to vote.” For as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the gang in the White House is too busy watching Fox News and Tweeting to listen to our pleas, our demands, or our sincere concerns.

So Nicholas is absolutely right, our vote is our most powerful weapon and we must use it! We must use it wisely, judiciously, and constantly.

In my opinion, a great example of the type of person I would vote for, is running for Congress right here in our own district. Her name is Tedra Cobb and she is the real deal when it comes to respecting and protecting this planet that nurtures us. She lives in a house that is almost obscured by solar panels. She drives an electric car.

She refuses to accept campaign donations from polluters and mid-west billionaires. She is adamant about protecting the water we drink, the air we breath, our carbon filtering forests, and the soil that feeds us all.

Our current representative has admitted that our environment is in trouble but believes that “any solutions must not damage the economy!” I think that’s backwards; I think that no economic initiative should damage our life sustaining planet!

Seems like a no brainer to me.

As always, thanks for providing space for our opinions.

Jerry Senecal