Opinion: Unrest over the wall, abortion, guns, God, says Madrid resident
Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 7:58 am

I have never in all my life seen such unrest, division, hate, violence, and political scandals, as in New York and the Country. The latest bill by Cuomo on near birth abortion put me over the top.They have the authority to kill unborn children even to the point of the mother giving birth? And Cuomo and women are celebrating this bill?

Gun control bills are cutting away our Second Amendment. The "Red Flag Law" allows law enforcement to confiscate firearms because you were judged a risk by family, law enforcement, and some school officials. If someone has a chip on their shoulder about you, you're in trouble. This legislation is dangerous as it would become widely used to take away someone's constitutional rights with little or no due process. Check out the 61-year old man in Fernadale, Maryland who got shot and killed in 2018 when officers tried to confiscate his guns.

Storage requirement law; allows criminals to gain the upper hand while you're trying to open a cabinet. This law would do nothing more than render firearms useless in self-defense situations. A background check can now take up to 30 days before a firearm purchase. What does this do for someone in a domestic abuse situation, for example? The governor and Democrats indicated this was " a good first step." What is next when you wield unchecked power? Mark Walczyk is working on a petition to oppose new gun control legislation. Please check it out.

Democrats are preparing to strike "so help me God" from the Oath in the House. I don't hear any great outcry from churches on this or the new abortion law.

Democrats want open borders, abolish ICE, free education and healthcare for all including illegal aliens, sanctuary for criminals, elimination of private health insurance, takeover of all energy resources, and higher taxes. We all know that none of this is free.

It feels like a pre-socialist world and we are watching our demise in slow motion. We have to wake up and stop this political derailment of our country. Check out a lady by the name of Kitty Werthmann on Youtube. She is a WWII survivor and warns Americans of socialism and gun control that is playing out today.

The Wall: Why wouldn't you want your family protected? Why would you want illegal aliens to pour into the country unvetted, without medical checks, including drug cartel, criminals and terrorists? The 14-mile long wall that was built in San Diego has been proven 95% effective between San Diego and Tijuana. Went from 100,000 to 5, 000 illegal aliens getting in. Just remember, we could have built the entire southern wall 30 times with the billions that Obama gave to Iran!

Shirley Rutherford