Opinion: Those who care about big picture are still following impeachment, Massena resident says
Friday, January 17, 2020 - 7:55 am

In response to https://northcountrynow.com/letters/opinion-democratic-committee-only-on... “Opinion: Democratic Committee the Only Ones Interested in Impeachment Coverage, Colton man says”, the letter makes the following points. People have short attention spans. Only scandal and hype keep them engaged. The North Country is bored by the impeachment information on the news and only care about the details of their own lives.

On the contrary, I think there are many people in St. Lawrence County who are concerned about misuse of power by this President. They are viewing the world through the ideals of principle and recognize that the impeachment inquiry is an important judicial exercise of our Constitution.

Trump supporters, on the other hand, view the world through personalities. They like Trump because he’s entertaining, he’s aggressive and rude, he’s “out of the box”. People believe his boasts and exaggerations and are content to see him remain in office.

Luckily, throughout history, courageous people have raised concerns about principle while others were content to keep things just the way they were. Protesters fought for women’s right to vote, for desegregation, the New Deal, equal opportunities for every race and creed. Even when not being personally affected, brave people suffered jail and violence to make way in the world for the betterment of our country and its citizens.

It is a matter of principle that this president not be allowed to do as he pleases putting his own interests first. Trump is one who uses our attorney general as his personal lawyer to “rewrite” the extent of presidential privilege, disregards military expertise and advice to make power plays in the world, demands that “loyalists” don’t testify against him and jeopardizes our global standing for his personal gain in reelection and voter approval.

He has already been impeached for being guilty of betraying his oath. It still remains to be seen if this Senate trial for removal is conducted according to the full legality of our justice system versus “I like the guy, leave him alone” or “I’m walking the party line to get re-elected”. Those of us who care about the bigger picture are still tuning in.

Martha Hodges