Opinion: St. Lawrence County clerk candidate cites experience, work ethic
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 9:34 am

My name is Sandy Santamoor and I am running for county clerk. I live in Canton with my husband. We have three married sons and one grandson. I hold a real estate brokers license, and I have been in the real estate business for over 20 years. I have been a small business owner for over 17 years. I am also a notary.

In January of 2012 County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp appointed me deputy county clerk, and I have continued to serve in that capacity for over seven years. Since May 1, 2019 I have been doing the job of deputy county clerk and county clerk.

This background – working in real estate, being a small-business owner, and serving as deputy county clerk – along with a proven work ethic and working with other department heads in the county, with the county board of legislators, local attorneys, abstractors, and with court judges and staff with whom we work very closely, have provided me with the experience and skills necessary to step up to serve as your county clerk.

As deputy county clerk, Mary Lou and I were responsible for all aspects of the operations of both the St Lawrence County Clerk’s Office and 4 DMV Offices, which includes oversight of 29 employees including one DMV supervisor.

This year I am responsible for drafting and submitting the budget for the county clerk’s office and all 4 DMV offices to the county administrator and ultimately to the Board of Legislators. I am solely accountable for all periodic financial reports – and I take this responsibility very seriously.

I see community outreach as a major obligation of the county clerk’s office. We participate in the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club Expo, the Massena Rod and Gun Club Show, Senior Health Fairs, Donate Life events, AARP events and schedule Passport Days at schools.

I would like to see us increase the use of e-filing and e-recording, thereby creating additional efficiencies. I would like to continue to foster the downstate dealer business that was the brainchild of former County Clerk Senator Patty Ritchie and continued by County Clerk Mary Lou Rupp.

I am currently working with the state court system to obtain a $125,000 grant to begin digitalizing older criminal records. Once the county IT department completes its new website I will work with them to begin uploading DMV and county forms as well as helpful information.

Locally, I am working with the Village of Canton and the State DMV to re-locate the road test site in Canton to a more suitable location. Statewide, I am working with other County Clerks to modernize our financial record keeping.

I intend to continue with what Mary Lou started – which is to increase efficiencies to reduce wait and service times; we just opened a 4th terminal at the Massena DMV. While the downstate dealer business provides for an incredible revenue stream, I want to ensure that the citizens of this county receive the services they expect and deserve from the county clerk’s office and their local DMV offices.

My experience and work ethic make me the best choice for the position of St Lawrence County Clerk. You will find my name on the Republican, Conservative and Independence lines on your ballot. I ask for your vote on November 5th or during early voting which begins Oct. 26.

Sandy Santamoor

St Lawrence County clerk candidate