Opinion: Priceless is best way to describe North Country Children’s Museum, says volunteer
Friday, June 21, 2019 - 5:59 am

I am a volunteer at the North Country Children’s Museum.

In your recent on-line survey of the museum a few respondents said the museum was too expensive. While I would never assume to know what is affordable for someone, I don’t think it’s fair to describe an annual membership at our museum as expensive.

A regular family membership is $80. But there is also a reduced membership of $25. The only eligibility requirement is that your child qualifies for the free/reduced school lunch program.

Family memberships are for two adults and however many children reside in the home. Visits are unlimited, activity tables change daily and family art and science programs are offered every weekend.

Children are engaged for hours on end at the museum. I see it every week.

Expensive is the last word I’d use to describe the North Country Children’s Museum. Priceless might be the first.

Kathleen Fitzgerald