Opinion: Potsdam resident relieved following article about sheriff
Friday, February 21, 2020 - 5:33 am

I was relieved to read the article quoting Sheriff Brooks Bigwarfe as saying that he will not allow his personal opinions to influence his job and that he refuses to cherry-pick which laws to enforce.

I have been very dismayed to hear the news of some St. Lawrence County residents demanding that elected officials break their oaths of office.

Several months ago our area was terrorized by thieves who robbed multiple gun shops. Because of NYS gun laws, those shops did not have stock of some of the most dangerous weapons. If NYS gun laws were different, those most dangerous weapons would have been at large in the community.

It can hardly be said that SLC residents lack the ability to legally obtain and use firearms. The key there is legally. There are plenty of legal guns in our county and it is a good thing that we have the oversight we do.

I appreciate our elected sheriff taking a firm stand for law and order and affirming his commitment to fulfill his duty. As Bigwarfe says, “if [the sheriff] doesn’t start following the laws, we’re in big trouble as far as I’m concerned.” No one is above the law.

Sasha Kocho-Williams