Opinion: NY: Come smoke pot, just don’t feed animals, West Potsdam man says
Friday, January 17, 2020 - 10:30 am

I wonder who feeds Gov. Cuomo the BS he uses to come up with stupid rules.

First it was do not feed deer. Now he comes up with don’t feed birds because the deer might eat their seed and that is one and the same. Deer feeding by proxy I guess. Heaven forbid that the King stand by and expose us to chronic wasting disease. He must be counting on New Yorkers being stupid enough to fall for this one, as well as some of his other idiotic laws.

According to the NY Dec stats there was an instance of CWD in 2005, zero cases since, and never any cases transmitted to humans. That stands in stark contrast to the problems caused by the use of marijuana. But to him, it seems like a good idea to make that ok. We all know that the tax revenue that will be generated is what he’s looking forward to.

I plan to continue to feeds the birds, but in an effort to comply another ignorant Cuomo law, I am putting up signs telling the deer to stay away. Should work?

Glenn Niles

West Potsdam