Opinion: Massena Town Council candidate says focus will be jobs, less taxes, service
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 - 5:32 am

Recently I read an editorial urging North Country residents to take “a stake” in the electoral process and get out to vote was encouraging and inspiring. Although tossing your hat in the ring to run for an elected position can be time consuming and expensive, it increases your "stake" in your community. It gets you involved for and with the people you interact with daily in the grocery store, the gas station, the post office, church, school, etc.

My parents (the late Frank and Millie Spadafore) brought me up to study hard, work hard and be ready to serve my church and community. That is what I am doing currently by serving in the SLC Chapter of NYS Women, Inc., and in Rotary International District 7040. I have also served several years on various Massena local boards including: museum, library, hospital, country club, and Sacred Heart Parish Council. As I continue to serve, I am motivated to take “a stake” in our community and run for the Massena Town Council and be a voice for the fine residents of Massena.

The recognition and endorsement by the St. Lawrence County Republican Party, the Conservative Party and the Independence Party has been most gratifying. Their endorsement will allow my name, Sue Bellor, to appear on 3 ballot lines in the November 2019 election. The vocal and written support of many friends and members of the Democratic Party have also inspired my effort to take a "stake" in my community.

Given their vote of confidence I am already working hard to become educated and familiar with each of the local boards under the township of Massena by attending many of those meetings. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the dedicated volunteers and staff members and learning what they are doing for the benefit of all Massena residents.

Balance, ethics, speaking freely, and transparency on the Massena Town Council will be among my goals. Retention and growth of local jobs, less government, less taxes, bipartisanship, and community service will be my focus as your representative. All elected officials who serve the public, need to come together and do what is BEST for Massena.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 5 for Sue Bellor for Massena Town Council. The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Sue (Spadafore) Bellor

Massena Town Council candidate