Opinion: Many businesses donate to firefighters kids games in Ogdensburg
Friday, August 2, 2019 - 7:34 am

The Firefighters Kids Games, sponsored by the Ogdensburg Firefighters Association, were held on Saturday, July 20. We want to thank all who helped make the event a success once again.

First, we'd like to thank Howland Pump for their very generous donation this year of $1,000. The money was used to buy prizes for the games. Also, thanks to those who made monetary donations in memory of Lowell Groulx (our friend). Also used to buy prizes.

Big thanks to: Big Cheese Pizza for donating 25 large pizzas, Cam’s for donating 10 big pizzas and 6 cases of water, Pepsi-Cola Ogdensburg Bottlers for giving us 15 cases of assorted drinks, Jreck Subs for contributing 25 subs to match the 25 we bought, Stewart's Shops for donating 6 cases of soda/water and 4 sleeves of ice, and Price Chopper for their donation of soda and paper plates.

Thanks to: Olympia Sports for 20% off our prize purchases, Walmart for donating 2-$25 gift cards and giving 10% off on our purchase of prizes, Green Mountain Amusement Rides for giving us 200 ride tickets for $50 to give out as prizes; and Pizza Hut, Ogdensburg Bowl, Burger King, New Media Outpost, and Kinney's for donating to our prize pool.

Thanks to ESPN 1400AM and Chris Spicer for the donated ad time on the radio to inform people of the event. Also to City Recreation for help in preparation and cleanup.

Special thanks to all the fire department family members and friends who helped out during the games. The help you provide is so very much appreciated.

We're happy to put on the games each year because we hope to provide a fun afternoon for all the kids who attend. It was a hot, humid day this year, but we tried to cool everyone off with water sprayed from our ladder truck and with our new dunking station event. We truly hope everyone had a good time.

Ron Bouchard

Ogdensburg Firefighters Association