Opinion: Hopkinton town supervisor needs to protect citizens from wind farm
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 10:23 am

To the Editor:

Hopkinton Town Supervisor Sue Wood needs to stop being vague, protect unnamed people, and publicly disclose the entire history and details of the Hopkinton wind overlay zone map including: Why it was not filed properly with the state in 2011, and an accounting of what you have done to pursue a remedy to that damaging, irresponsible action.

We deserve to know everything now. Town officials are obligated to create the overlay map, to protect its citizens…not the company’s interests.

At the Hopkinton Town Board meeting Feb. 12, the North Ridge Wind Farm developer, Avangrid, was credited with the creation of the wind overlay zone map boundaries from 2011 and proposed 2018 map based on their lease holder recruitment.

Our wind laws state the people of the town, with the wind advisory board, will determine where we will allow industrial wind turbines and then create an overlay zone map, not a map to fit the developers ability to recruit lease holders.

The fact is, an overwhelming majority of Hopkinton taxpayers are opposed to Avangrid’s request to expand south of Rt. 72 yet, this board will not listen to or protect it’s citizens even when its own laws require it. Tell us why.

Dolores Rice