Opinion: Hopkinton Food Pantry thanks those who helped summer program
Friday, August 16, 2019 - 6:41 am

Hopkinton Food Pantry thanks all who donated to the Summer Feeding Program again this year. We were able to purchase more food and even meats this year for July and August.

We will continue to help those in need with your contributions.

Thanks to Tri-Town Packing for allowing us to purchase several pounds of hamburger at a good price. Thanks to Dollar General in Hopkinton for selling products in bulk for the program.

Thanks to Save-A-Lot in Potsdam for the bulk products we purchase.

The North Country comes together for the greater good. Our community has a big heart! Thanks to NCN, Free Trader and Courier Observer for the media coverage.

And always, thanks to our volunteers!

Georgia Macy

Hopkinton Food Pantry co-director