Opinion: Highmarket Wheelers ATV Club says Adirondack Council wrong about ATVs and UTVs
Saturday, March 24, 2018 - 10:07 am

To the Editor:

On Wednesday March 21, 2018 the Adirondack Council was at it again (Adirondack Council opposing proposed law to expand size of ATVs that could be used on local land); explaining how the consumer-safety organizations and health professionals oppose purposed bills in the state legislature to increase the size of UTV’s.

The council also refers UTV as weighing as much as a car. Along with statements of noise pollution, opposition to allowing UTV and ATV on public lands. And of course ending with the tragic 101 number of OHV related death in New York State from 2013-2017.

Here are my thoughts:

As ATV & UTV enthusiasts, farmers, disabled veterans, disabled individuals and hunter/fishermen and more we need to make a stand and let New York State know we have rights to. The rest of the 49 states allow larger UTVs to be registered, Why is New York State so much different, the answer is it is not! Many people complain today that the younger generation never goes outside! Here is a great chance for a family to purchase UTV and take their family out to enjoy the outdoors.

Consumer-safety organizations and health professionals oppose many things; if they had their way we would all just sit in a room and do nothing. Bicycling it thought to be a healthy sport however between the years of 2010 -2015 in New York State alone 226 deaths occurred on bicycles. We can all look for the negative in everything we do, let’s look at the positive!

The purposed law for UTVS allows UTVs to weigh up to 1500 lbs & 70 inches in width. The average weigh of a car in 2017 is 3221 lbs. Not a very good comparison.

Public lands are just as the name indicates “public” Atv users are part of that public. Atv clubs and riders are only looking for a trail systems to ride on. WE do not need to ride everywhere on public lands. A trail system were possible (not in wet lands and other sensitive areas) should be available; just as there is horse, hiking, skiing and snowmobiling trails.

ATVs/UTVs give the disabled a chance to see areas that they would never be able to see, enjoy and hunt/fish on. ATVing in rural communities is a boost in the arm just like other outdoor sports!

New York State politicians have allowed groups with large money behind them to bully the rest of the state. State lands are owned by all New York State residents (people). The people should have the right to enjoy their sport on state lands where possible! There are many other states that allow ATV trails on state lands.

New York State politicians through motor vehicle law impede rural counties and towns from using their roads for ATV travel. These rural counties and towns should be allowed to open their roads for whatever use they deem necessary for their comminutes to prosper.

It seems very unfair that you can drive your lawn mower down the road and pick up cans/bottles and trash however it is illegal to use an ATV/UTV to do the same even though the ATV/UTV must have insurance , be registered, has operating lights and the operator must have a helmet on.

Michel Gille, president Highmarket Wheelers ATV Club Inc.