Opinion: Gas companies stealing from good people of St. Lawrence County, Canton woman says
Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 11:14 am

I noticed your article “Average price of gas 16 cents higher in St. Lawrence County than state average”, published Tuesday, January 28.

I have been ranting to my Facebook friends for a few months not now about the gas prices in Canton and Potsdam particularly. Everyone knows that the residents of St. Lawrence County depend highly on gas because we have little to no shopping in our county that we don’t have to travel to get to.

We have a lot of people living on fixed incomes and are just making ends meet. Many other folks many be working but the income levels in our county are not the highest and many families are just getting by. Many depend on food banks and charities to support their families.

Fact, for the past several months the cost of gas in Gouverneur has been 20 cents per gallon less than the rest of the so-called more effluent town. ($2.67 or $2.69).Come on now , what is up with this? Ogdensburg for a while was running 5-9 cents less than Canton and Potsdam, but not lately. The small community of Star Lake has had and continues to have lower prices than Canton and Potsdam for months now; $2.75 as per Gasbuddy.com 1/29.

When the threat of a Middle East conflict surfaced a month or so ago, what happened here locally was gas prices jumped by leaps and bounds. Not in Gouverneur however, gas stayed the same, $2.67 or $2.69.

I don’t know who can make these gas companies do the right thing but they should be ashamed of how they are “stealing” from the good people of St. Lawrence County.

Natalie Aldrich