Opinion: Dog invited to fight now asked to go home, says Winthrop resident
Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 11:31 am

To the Editor:

In response to “No Dog in Fight,” first of all you can’t have it both ways pro-wind ads have appeared numerous times in local publications with endorsements from individuals who live and operate businesses outside of Hopkinton and this was fine with pro-wind -- not one single complaint about an outsider interference.

As for myself now living in Winthrop – I was asked by both side to give my opinion and support. So you might say “this dog was invited to the fight” and now just because my views do not support agenda you want me to go home.

The winds of truth have brought about change, an anti-wind councilperson was elected to the Hopkinton town board, Avangrid has decided that the “Parishville dog” was just too big to fight and pulled out.

Hopkinton Town Supervisor Sue Wood and councilwoman Sue Lyon have done their homework – yes research and also listen to the people that elected them to do the right thing – pass a wind law - of the people and for the people furthermore the people of Hopkinton should be very proud to have a town board that has put in the work and effort to protect them.

Face it, the majority in Hopkinton are against the project, only a handful leaseholders supported by Avangrid continue to live in denial – and make faceless comments.

Greg Caron