Opinion: Do not punish law-abiding citizens over shootings, says Morristown man
Friday, March 2, 2018 - 5:57 am

To the Editor:

The FBI was told about the recent school shooter but failed to follow-up. Additional gun control is always the answer for progressive socialist. But their answer is a dismal failure as it does not address the real problem.

The Gun Safe School Zone Act must be repealed and replaced with Rep. Thomas Massie's H.R.34 legislation Safe Student Act which removes the failed Gun Safe School Zone Act that prevents states and local governments from arming teachers/administration officials. This isn't about gun control, it is about school safety.

The gun control authoritarian mob are all on-board to make law-abiding citizens pay for the crime of the lawbreaker. Instead of working to solve the real problem they prefer to punish the citizenry as a whole. The Gun Safe School Zone Act, given to us by anti-gun Joe Biden and signed by old man Bush was found to be UN-Constitutional so anti-gun Bill Clinton re-wrote the law and passed it again in 1996. It was not challenged but would not likely pass the Supreme smell test.

Three years later in 1999 the Columbine tragedy occurred and these mass shootings we know have torn communities and lives apart since that time. When evil rears its ugly head it must be that good is there to put evil in its place.

The only viable solution is to repeal the failed Gun Safe School Zone Act which serves as an enabler for those that wish to commit evil against humanity. By offering no resistance of good against evil the evil will persist unabated and continue to perpetuate evil acts upon our schools taking the lives of our children.

Properly train and arm the teachers/administration so good can confront evil and eliminate the threat. So, no, gun control is not the answer but common sense school/public safety will save countless lives. The Gun Safe School Zone Act is a feel good law that does nothing to keep schools safe, in fact, as we’ve seen too often, produces the complete opposite effect. House Representative Thomas Massie introduced H.R. 34 the Safe Student Act that addresses the real problem. We’ve tried this Gun Safe Zone Act and it’s a proven loser.

The time is now to try a different approach. When evil is looking for its next soft target (Gun Free Zones) we must have a deterrent in place. A county sheriff in Ohio last week announced free firearm training for teachers/faculty/staff and filled the 50 available classes in 20 minutes. He now is working to expand the program as over 250 signed up in two days and the number is climbing.

This is a proactive way to combat the evil that walks among us. I hope Sheriff Wells gets a chance to read this. Let’s select common sense logic over the knee-jerk laws that produce more of same. Stripping law-abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment Rights will only leave evil with a gun.

Trent Porter