Opinion: Comments by legislator are anti-American, unethical, says Potsdam resident
Monday, June 10, 2019 - 9:43 am

Rita Curran, SLC Legislator, was interviewed on the Jeff Graham Radio Show this month, wherein she stated that she sees "nothing wrong" with the discriminatory post(s) she shared on social networking.

She also claimed that all media in St. Lawrence County is unfair. The shows host proceeded to mock the SLC Legislature, referring to the Legislators as idiots and calling the St. Lawrence University faculty stupid and even bad!

I take these statements as a personal affront to all of us. And, in particular, those of Ms. Curran who fails to take responsibility for her actions, perhaps because she does not understand that discrimination is anti-American, unethical and illegal in New York State. My own grandparents were immigrants and were provided the right to practice their chosen religions. This nation was 'founded', settled and populated by immigrants and all have the right to worship, or not, as they choose.

It is time to stop perpetrating myths and lies about Muslims who are, by and large, good people, and not radical Islamists. This should begin with our community leaders.

There must be consequences for discriminatory actions, especially by community leaders, to help prevent further such abuses and to uphold the character, principles and mission of the SLC Board of Legislators and St. Lawrence County.

Pat Walzer