Opinion: Colton fire chief seeks public support over light tower
Friday, June 14, 2019 - 7:31 am

The Colton Fire District was approved to purchase a new fire truck later last year. The truck is to upgrade an aging 1996 engine, used to pump water, and a 2001 rescue truck that carries tools and extra supplies needed.

The voters from the district approved to purchase the truck at a price not to exceed $475,000. The final price of the truck came in at just over $468,000. A light tower was added to the roof of the truck to aid with firefighter safety in low-light situations and night-time emergencies.

Recently, a few of the commissioners of the fire district have decided that the cost of the light tower has outweighed the safety of the firefighters. The light tower is approximately $21,000; roughly 4.5% of the total truck price.

Over the years that the truck will be financed, a small price to pay for safety. An inspection trip was already deleted from the overall cost of the truck. The head commissioner stated that “the inspection trip was not needed as the company sends pictures of weekly progress, and the trip is a waste of money.”

The Colton Fire District has also been collecting taxes and not using the full amount budgeted for equipment and supplies. Last year, there was money left in the budget for equipment, enough money to pay for this light tower.

Instead, they decided it was best to be stored away into a general reserve account than to purchase new equipment needed.

If you live in the Colton Fire District, come out and support the Colton Fire Department members. The Colton Fire District meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.

Aaron Johnson, fire chief

Colton Volunteer Fire Department