Opinion: Blame businesses, not government for high gas prices, Canton man says
Monday, February 17, 2020 - 7:20 am

I am writing in response to Opinion: Blame state, federal taxes for high gas prices, says Rensselaer Falls man: Mr. Shirtz's theory ignores the fact that the gas stations in Jefferson County pay those same taxes, charge $.16 to $18 less than stations in St. Lawrence County and still are able to sell their product at a profit.

Can we agree that if those gas stations weren't making a profit they wouldn't be selling gasoline?

If they can sell at that price and still make a profit, then clearly taxes aren't the cause.

The reason gas stations can get away with their obscenely high prices is that sheeple continue to pay it, refusing to demand lower prices by comparison shopping and spending their money wisely.

The knee jerk "blame the government" argument clearly fails when applied to excessively high gas prices in St. Lawrence County.

Vote with your dollars, people. They won't lower the gas prices until they decide that it is in their economic self interest. And that won't occur until enough people start buying their gas elsewhere.

Michael P. Ribley