Get involved to keep parish life alive
Wednesday, November 3, 2010 - 2:35 pm

To the Editor:

St. Mary’s Parish in Potsdam and St. Patrick’s Parish in Colton have had meetings to discuss what happens to keep “parish life” alive.

Have you attended Mass in either St. Patrick’s or St. Mary’s since Msgr. Aucoin has been pastor of both parishes? If you haven’t, you should get involved to find out what is going on. Several ministries have been discussed at the meetings, namely “Helping at Funeral Masses,” “Visiting the Homebound,” “Social Activities,” “Soup Kitchen” and a “St. Vincent De Paul” committee to name a few. Reaching out to other people in our communities is what keeps “parish life” alive.

The best way to keep parishes moving forward is to get involved with the parish you belong to.

If you are a resident of South Colton, Colton, Parishville or Potsdam, or any of the outlying areas, and you are not a registered parishioner, please do so by contacting St. Mary’s at 265-9680, St. Patrick’s in Colton at 262-2871 or e-mail [email protected]. Registration may also be done online at

Connie Hatch, Colton