Education budgets are ‘disrespected’ today
Monday, March 12, 2012 - 12:27 pm

To the Editor:

Re: “Take Education Seriously” (Sound Off, Feb. 29-March 6), even under Reagan, the rich paid higher taxes.

Mr. Bush assaulted the tax system and set his mind to “school testing,” as “measuring success,” but students lose much of what they memorize, and more students from “for-profit” (teach-to-test) colleges default on student loans, being unprepared.

Education budgets are “disrespected” today, because people like Mr. Cuomo refuse to make the rich pay a fairer share of taxes (although we bailed them out on Wall Street).

Big Business keeps unprecedented profits and tax breaks rather than having tax money go to infrastructure, education, and health care.

To link Principle Jenne’s attire with budget cuts -- as disrespecting education -- is vulgar. I respect his work, and it is misguided to criticize his generosity of spirit. The students know that he cares, and this improves their performance.

By misrepresenting the causes of current budget crises, you enable the very forces now eroding public education, and you disrespect your own education, so generously given to you.

Laura Fair-Schulz

SUNY Potsdam