Does McQueer have anything positive to offer Hammond?
Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 5:06 pm

To the Editor:

I have been reading the many articles in the Watertown Times and Ogdensburg Journal lately regarding the upcoming election in Hammond and have been struck by one glaring and consistent theme. In every article or letter involving the position for Town Supervisor, Michelle McQueer has only detrimental things to say about incumbent Ron Bertram and the other board members.

She constantly blames Ron and the Concerned Residents of Hammond for just about everything that has happened in this small town over the last three years. I am wondering if she would have anything positive to offer if she was elected to office. Her negative campaign has left me with the impression she is a very bitter person. Many people are worried about what might happen if she is elected, especially after the way she apparently ignored anyone who didn’t agree with her on the Wind Advisory Committee because of her wind lease.

I have never been bullied by any Concerned Resident or any other person who opposes industrial wind in Hammond and don’t know anyone who has. In my opinion, Supervisor Bertram has appeared to be patient, hardworking and open to everyone’s point of view even if it was different from his own. Even though he inherited a lot of problems from the previous town board, he has already made many positive improvements. You can tell he is interested in the job by the way he does his homework for meetings and keeps learning by attending conferences.

More importantly, he does not bash his opponent in the press every time he is interviewed. He and the other board members can think for themselves and just because they may agree with some of the ideas of the Concerned Residents, that doesn’t mean they are “under their control.” They just want what’s best for Hammond.

Merritt Young and Howard Demick also want what’s best for Hammond and like Bertram, I feel they both have a positive attitude and willingness to listen and are the best choices for town council.

Please think twice before you vote. If a candidate thinks the only way they can get elected is by saying negative things about their opposition, they don’t’ have much to offer. Wind is not the only issue in town and we don’t need any more negativity here. If you want to see our town move forward with a positive attitude, vote fro Ron Bertram, Merritt Young and Howard Demick on November 8.

Allen Goldman, Hammond