Hayden Irish of Canton is Potsdam Rotary Seaway Tech Student of the Month
Monday, October 8, 2018 - 1:18 pm

CANTON -- Hayden Irish is the Potsdam Rotary Club Student of the Month for September 2018 from Seaway Career & Technical Education Center in Norwood.

He is a student in the Metalworking Technology Program. He is from the Canton Central School District and is the son of Thomas & Linette Irish.

Students in metalworking learn contemporary metal joining, cutting and welding processes used in manufacturing and fabricating. They work with high strength steel, aluminum and cast iron as well as other metals and their alloys.

Hayden will also have the opportunity to participate in the NYS Structural Welding Certification Exam. If he passes the x-ray examination, he will be certified for structural welding.

He will attend a work-based learning internship toward the end of this year at a local business of his choice that will allow him to gain experience in the field.

“Hayden is the type of student you can depend on,” said instructor Nanci Collins. “He works very hard day in and day out and always has a positive attitude. He has a mind built for fabrication and troubleshooting. He is always willing to take on a challenge or an opportunity to learn something new. Since I have met Hayden, he has been focused on the future. He often speaks on where he would like to take his career and knows what it takes to get there. He is helpful to not only the program but to his peers as well. He acts as a role model in the program, and I am very proud of him.”