Students get up close anatomy lessons from Clarkson
Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 8:54 am

Dr. Michael Whitehead and Dr. Ciani, Clarkson University, hosted the Seaway Career and Technical Education Allied Health Class in providing students with real application to their anatomy studies. By visiting the cadaver lab, students learned about the anatomical structure of the human body with a hands on experience.Pictured (left to right): Zachary Snyder, Alison Whitton, Rachel Ward, Danielle Forquer, Brooke Locy, Samantha Richards, Leanne Saxby (Instructor) Stephenie Peets, Schiler Ashley, Megan Stevenson, Alyssa Cutler. Back Row: Josh Cook, Cody Burns, Brasher Falls, Isaiah Johnson, Tyler Sunday, Tyler Smith, Isaac Lashomb, Alexis LaCroix, Makayla Ormsby.