Potsdam Chamber honors Yurgartis
Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 5:10 pm

The Potsdam Chamber of Commerce presented the 2010 Commitment to the Community Award to Pam Yurgartis Wednesday evening at the chamber's annual dinner. Robert Burns, who nominated Pam for the award, presented Pam with the award and described all the ways that Mrs. Yurgartis has helped the community. She has been very active with the Potsdam Holiday Fund, the Potsdam Library Board, the Potsdam Kiwanis Club and the PTSAP.Pam accepted the award on behalf of all the wonderful organizations and volunteers that work alongside her. She thanked her parents who were in attendance as well as her three sons and husband Steve for their love and support. Above, Robert Burns speaks to the audience at the chamber dinner with Pam Yurgartis, recipient of the Commitment to the Community Award by his side.