NNCS' UPK class visits The Italian Affair
Saturday, November 13, 2010 - 6:20 pm

The Italian Affair welcomed Norwood-Norfolk Central School's universal pre-kindergarten class with open arms when Ms. Greene’s class went on a field trip recently. Mr. Aaron Jolley owner and operator of the Massena restaurant welcomed the UPK class and all parents who could attend the trip to his establishment. Mrs. Barrett said the entire class was given a tour, shown how pizza dough was made, and were even invited to make their own pizzas to bring home for dinner. Students were given the choice of cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and even peppers were on a few. Mr. Jolley showed the children how the dough is rolled, tossed, and created into what we all love – Pizza! Mr. Jolley’s only request to the children was to place a happy face with pepperoni on their pizza. The trip was chaperoned by Ms. Velma Wilber the student teacher aide, Ms. Margaret Gauthier NNCS’ transportation guide, Mrs. Susan Barrett NNCS Family Liaison, and by many parents. The students’ guests were welcomed to join the tour and lunch was served to all. Many thanks were given to Mr. Jolley for his invitation and especially for his services!