New mentoring program in Potsdam
Sunday, March 13, 2011 - 6:26 am

Adopt-A-Bear Cub: After losing Big Brothers Big Sisters funding, Lawrence Avenue Elementary School in Potsdam has adapted and changed their mentoring program, now called the "Adopt-A-Bear Cub" program. Since most of the mentors are SUNY Potsdam students and their mascot is the "Bears", the Lawrence Avenue students are the "bear cubs". Students in the program stay after school two days a week (either M and W OR T and Th) to meet with their mentor "Bear" to work on homework, practice academic skills, read together, and sometimes play games or do craft projects. The focus is on helping students become better students and to help them make gains in academic areas where they may be struggling and need extra attention, while having fun and making a connection with an adult in the process. Pictured, SUNY Potsdam mentor Kaitlin J. Corscadden plays a game with Emily E. Robar during the adopt-a-bear program at Lawrence Avenue Elementary.