Hoop shoot winners in Ogdensburg
Tuesday, December 26, 2017 - 2:46 pm

Ogdensburg Elks Lodge #772 recently held their Hoop Shoot Free Throw Contest at the OFA main gym. The winners will go on to compete at the district level in Lowville on Jan. 27. From left are Ian Rose, first-place boys 8-9 years old; Colt McAllister second-place boys 8-9 years old; Cooper Rutherford, first-place boys 10-11 years; Will Graveline, second-place boys 10-11 years; Rylin McAllister, first-place girls 10-11 years; Katie Cunningham, second-place girls 10-11 years; Justice McIntyre, second-place boys 12-13 years; Natalie Howie; first-place girls 12-13 years; Lance Bradley, first-place boys 12-13 years.