Heuvelton Leos participate in 'Number Campaign'
Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 6:07 am

Using the number “one,” youth created awareness around the fact that their is only “one” tobacco power wall in their community.  Pictured, from left, front row: Tyler Garrett(blue), Cyral Burton (orange), Adam Smithers (yellow), Caitlyn Kilbourn (pink), Kaiona Kilbourn (pink), Mallory Cameron (pink), Paige Griffith (orange), Natosha LaJoy (green),Yelena Jaquith (orange); second row, L-R: Brett Hall, Lyle LaRose, Kaylee Hutton; third row: Courtney Young and Brittany Fifield, LaRissa Hays (holding "We've"), Eliza Jane Hamilton, Nathalie Barr and Sydney Sargent(holding "Seen"), Chloe Combs, Macy Young, Kristin Harper and Viktoria Peck (holding "enough") Click here for story.