Kicking butts in Norwood
Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 5:54 am

Recently, the He Yee Dao Karate Association in Norwood held a “Kick Butts Day” demonstration. The theme this year is kicking tobacco marketing (a leading risk factor for youth smoking) out of sight to prevent youth smoking. He Yee Dao holds classes in the NNCS elementary cafeteria on Monday and Thursday evenings, offering classes for adults and children. For more information call (315) 244- 0753. From left in row 1: Carl Julin, Peyton Brown, Charlotte Bergeron, Sydney Daniels, Trey Streu, Molly Coburn Row 2: Peter McConkey, Madison King, Anders Julin, Ivan King, Dylan Facteau, Julian Facteau, James McConkey. Row 3: Instructors: Joe Colarusso, Kristin Colarusso, Nathan Rheome