Animal shelter visit in Potsdam
Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 9:47 am

Sixth grade students from Brasher Falls, recently participated in in SLC’s Extended Day program, spent time learning about dog behavior and making special treats for animals at the shelter with the help of their St. Lawrence County Cooperative Extension instructor, Jackie Card. Students learned the behaviors that identify a dog as 'friendly' or mean they should not approach it. PHS director Alicia Maynard took students on a tour of the shelter and gave students time to interact with some of the animals at the shelter. From left Kelsi Converse, Montana Dennis, Megan Frary, Arianna Barber, Jennah Strawser, Courtney Moreau, Lily Stevens, Erin Lantry, Kaylie Snyder, Grace Svarczkopf, Bella Phongsavane, Kodey Nichols, Emma Montgomery, Lynnsay Cheney, Areonna LaShomb, Adam Davis, Aaron Montgomery, Rebecca Dullea. Brasher Falls Central School submitted the photo.