Russell Opera House renovations
Saturday, October 30, 2010 - 5:42 pm

The Russell Opera House is excited to announce that the theater floors have been sanded and refinished. “The floors are done and the seats are back and it was a "WONDERFUL JOB" looks great”, said Tess Eells, Russell Town Clerk. The Theater Committee, through donations, and the Town of Russell have combined to make this needed renovation a reality. The committee can’t wait for everyone to come and see the newly refinished floors this fall during one or more of their events. The company doing the work was SPECIALTY FLOORS, 38 Gulf Rd, Gouverneur, NY. Ongoing is their ‘Adopt a Theater Seat’ fundraiser. For $50 or more, you could sponsor one seat on which an engraved brass plaque will be mounted. You may be interested in placing a name in honor, or in memory of a loved. For information, or an application, contact Tess Eells at the Russell Town Hall.