Keeping earth clean in Canton
Wednesday, July 14, 2021 - 8:56 am

Canton 7-Eleven wants to thank two individuals who took time out of their day to come help ‘make the earth happy.’ Goodwin Schryver, 2, and Allison Shorette, 16, noticed debris at the dining area outside at 7-11 and wanted to do their part. They picked up broken sticks that had fallen off trees and had their own garbage bag picking up any litter that they could see. ‘When noticed by staff, we went out and thanked them and learned this isn’t their first time,’ said Sondra Worthley of 7-11. They love cleaning up at any location needed, whenever they can to ‘make the earth happy,’ says Goodwin. ‘Taking their own time out of their day so they can help out where they can, and we certainly appreciated it,’ Worthley said.