DeKalb teen receives donation for diabetes research
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 5:30 pm

Devin Edward, DeKalb Junction, met American Idol contestant Crystal Bowesox and two-time Superbowl winner Kendall Simmons during a recent conference on diabetes. It was one of many events he has participated in to raise awareness of the disease. He has also worked to raise money for diabetes research and Kinney Drugs was among his major donors.  From left are Don Maguire, Kinney Drugs Store Manager, (back row); Richard Edward, The Cure-iers Team Member (back row); Carl Bennett, The Cure-iers Team Member; Ruthanne L'Hommedieu, The Cure-iers Team Member and CHMC Dietitian; Rose Edward, The Cure-iers Team Member/Event Coordinator; Kayla Briggs, The Cure-iers Team Member; Devin Edward, Team Captain of The Cure-iers and a Type 1 Diabetic; Mark Brackett, Kinney Drugs Foundation President; and Todd Wells, Kinney Drugs Supervising Pharmacist. For more details, visit the previous story.