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SLC Dept. of Health
The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department invites all residents, agencies, and businesses to partake in the “I Wear a Mask to Protect” campaign. The campaign’s purpose is to help kindly encourage and remind everyone to continue wearing face coverings when out in public to protect family, friends, and our community. All photo submissions will be reviewed by a committee for the potential section to be displayed on a billboard in St. Lawrence County!
For more information: Brigette Conklin, 315-268-3404, visit scroll down to "I wear a mask" campaign

 • CANCELLED --HEALING HEARTS: Helping Teens & Tweens Understand Loss • Tuesday, Apr. 7, 5 - 6:30 p.m.
Hospice Center 6805 US Hwy 11, Potsdam
The teen years can be turbulent ones under the best of circumstances and the addition of the death of a family member, friend, or peer can be devastating even for the most well-adjusted adolescent. Healing Hearts will provide a safe, judgment-free environment for teens to learn about and express their grief, and allow for healing. The group is free; advance registration requested; group runs March 10-April 28
For more information: Donna Trimm Clark 315-265-3105, or [email protected]

• CANCELLED -- MISSING YOU: Navigating Death of a Child • Wednesday, Apr. 8, 5:30 - 7 p.m.
Hospice Center, 6805 US Why 11, Potsdam
It’s been called the most difficult of all losses.  Losing a child "is a trauma that doesn't go away."  When it happens, parents need a safe space to connect, share and learn to rebuild their lives as well as a place to share their fears, confusion, guilt, and all the other complex emotions associated with grief. The group is free; advance registration requested; groups runs March 10-April 28.
For more information: Donna Trimm Clark 315-265-3105, or [email protected]