Potsdam Figure Skating Club’s ice show, 'Dancing the Night Away,' March 24 at Clarkson’s Cheel Arena
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 2:05 pm

POTSDAM – The Potsdam Figure Skating Club’s ice show, “Dancing the Night Away,” hits Clarkson University’s Cheel Arena Saturday at 6 p.m.

The club has been working hard to prepare the show, which will feature a variety of dance tunes and routines.

Solos will be performed by graduating high school seniors, Bria Cole and Allison Kearing from Potsdam Central and Abigail Lanning from Madrid-Waddington.

Other soloists will be Emily Sloan, Haley Clark, Stephanie Kearing and Kathryn Travis.

Other featured skaters are Ashley Anderson, Jenna Fiacco, Janelle Trombley, Miki DiMatteo, Sarah Lavigne, Katie Pierce, Alyssa Sloan, Makayla Reed, Courtney Samier, Jazmine Trombley, and Jessica Sullivan in group routines, duets and trios.

Nikola Wolfe, junior freeskater and Clarkson University student, is guest performer.

Dance coach Tomas Morbacher will perform in a compulsory dance exhibition with Emily Sloan, Allison Kearing, Abigail Lanning and Janelle Trombley.

Doors open at 5:15 p.m. Advance sale tickets are $5, available form any club member, and $6 at the door.

Pictured are Senior skaters in the Potsdam Figure Skating Club: Janelle Trombley, Katie Travis, Katie Pierce, Hley Clark, Stephanie Kearing, Emily Sloan, Bria Cole, Miki DiMatteo, Jessica Sullivan, Abigail Lanning, Sarah Lavigne, Nikola Wolfe, Allison Kearing, Alyssa Sloan, Ashley Anderson, and Jenna Fiacco.