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RIVERSIDE CEMETERY OF NORWOOD Annual Meeting will be on Saturday 3/14/2020 at the Norwood Municipal Building at 11:00 a.m. Open to general public. We are seeking new members/trustees. If interested attend meeting or call Thomas Woodward at 315-353-2500.


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Parakeets for sale, $20 each. Ogdensburg area. Willing to meet part way depending on distance. 315-323-4611.

Request for Proposals

VILLAGE OF RENSSELAER FALLS, Park Pavilion Project, Request for Proposals. You are cordially invited to submit a Proposal for the Village of Rensselaer Falls Park Pavilion Project in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions below, and on the Village’s website ( Prospective respondents are advised to read this information over carefully prior to submitting a proposal. Prospective respondents may also wish to review the proposed site at 317 State Street in the center of the Village, on the same property as the Village playground. Proposals must be submitted to the Village Clerk, Village Hall, P.O. Box 154, Rensselaer Falls, New York 13680 no later than 4 p.m. on March, 31, 2020. The Village will not consider proposals received after this date and time. Bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope with the name and address of the Bidder and name of the project shown on the outside. Questions should be directed to Laura Bomyea, Grant Writer, [email protected].
The Village of Rensselaer Falls reserves the right to select or reject any proposal it deems to be in the best interest to accomplish the project specified. The Village reserves the right to discontinue the selection process at any time prior to the awarding of a contract. The Village reserves the right to waive defects and informalities of the proposals. It is not the intent of this document to provide all details, specifications, etc. or to specify exact methodology for constructing the pavilion. All workmanship must be the best available, conform to all relevant codes, and meet or exceed typical industry standards. PROJECT INTRODUCTION: The Village of Rensselaer Falls is seeking proposals for the completion of a 30’ x 60’ timber beam open pavilion. A conceptual drawing of the proposed project is available on the village website ( When completed, the pavilion will provide an outdoor space for residents to use for picnics, gatherings, and recreation. QUALIFICATIONS OF BIDDERS: All bidders must be regularly engaged in the business of the item that s/he bids upon. Each bidder must have adequate personnel, equipment, materials, plant capacity and/or delivery capacity to properly execute the item that s/he bids. The selected Contractor shall supply labor properly licensed to work in the State of New York for all on-site work. Any bidder may be required, as deemed necessary, to furnish additional data regarding qualification of the bidder to successfully and responsibly perform the item or items upon which s/he has bid. The Village has received funding through a State and Municipal Facilities Program (“SAM”) grant, administered by the Development Authority of the State of New York (“DASNY”). In submitting a bid, responding bidders agree to cooperate with the Village and DASNY to provide any documentation or information required for the SAM grant, including but not limited to proofs of insurance, Worker’s Compensation and Disability, and other relevant qualifications. PLEASE NOTE: The successful bidder may be asked to use volunteers and/or Town employees to perform some of the work and to use Town-owned or donated materials if dictated by budget considerations in order to complete the project. The Village will coordinate the volunteers. Said volunteers and/or employees will be covered under the Village’s liability and/or Workers Compensation insurance. PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The pavilion shall be 30’ x 60’ and of open timber beam construction with a shingle roof, on a concrete slab. The pavilion will be fitted with at least one outdoor electric outlet, and will be constructed to provide wheelchair access in at least one location along the perimeter. The roof pitch shall have a clear span over the pavilion bays. All exposed lumber is to be stained or otherwise treated in a manner which preserves it from excessive weather damage. The pavilion is intended to be used for open-air assembly and dining, and therefore, thermal insulation and heating system are not required. The pavilion will not be required to have sprinklers, alarms, or telecommunication connections. Plumbing supply and waste lines will not be required. The scope of work includes any necessary site development, construction drawings, grading and drainage, and structural components, as specified herein. All construction, including electrical work, shall comply with applicable federal, state and local building codes. The bidding party is responsible for determining whether any permits are needed in connection with the work, and for obtaining said permits. The Village Code Enforcement Officer will provide assistance with building and electrical permits, as needed; there will be no charge for Village permits required in connection with this Project. ADD ON: Bidders are also invited to include optional add-on quotes for picnic tables to be placed within or near the pavilion area. In the event construction of the Pavilion stays within the Village’s budget, the addition of picnic tables may be requested. CONTRACT DESCRIPTION: 1. Bidders must respond in writing to all requirements of this Request for Proposal. Proposals must include a cost for all labor, materials and other items (general conditions, contingency, etc.). Allowances for materials or installation included in the cost shall be sufficient to allow for the purchase and installation of the intended items required for the scope of the project that are of at least a midrange quality with reasonable options for color, size, texture, etc. Any possible exclusions or extra charge items must be specified within the bid. 2. Any additional information or tasks that are felt to be relevant by the responding firm should be included together with the submittal requirements. Responses may be delivered or mailed to the address indicated. 3. The intent of this Proposal is to provide for the construction and completion of the work described. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation and supplies required to complete the work in accordance with the terms of the Contract. The Contractor shall be required to conform to the intent of the work required and specifications. No extra claims shall be allowed for portions of the work not specifically addressed in the specifications but required to produce a whole and complete project, such work will be considered subsidiary to the bid items. 4. Upon commencement of work, the Contractor shall be responsible for initiating, maintaining and supervising all safety precautions necessary to ensure the safety of employees on the site, other persons who may be affected thereby, including the public, and other property at the site or adjacent thereto. Contractor is responsible for contacting Dig Safe. 5. Before final acceptance of the work, the contractor shall remove from the site all machinery, equipment, surplus materials, rubbish, barricades and signs. All parts of the work shall be left in a neat and presentable condition. On all areas used or occupied by the contractor, regardless of the contract limits, the bidder shall clean-up all sites and storage grounds. The items prescribed herein will not be paid for separately, but shall be paid for as part of the total contract price. 6. The Contractor shall be responsible for all damage or injury to property of any character, during the prosecution of the work, resulting from any act, omission, neglect, or misconduct in his manner or method of executing the work, or at any time due to defective work or materials, and said responsibility will not be released until the project shall have been completed and accepted. WORK RESTRICTIONS: The Pavilion will be located in a residential area, adjacent to a playground where children gather. Therefore, all work will be done between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Work areas will be cleaned and made free of hazards at the end of each workday. The Contractor will be given a designated area for storing material and equipment and parking. The Contractor is responsible for security of stored items. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS (any missing items could result in rejection of the proposal): 1. Provide a brief description of the work to be performed 2. Provide a list of major materials to be used 3. Submit a cost proposal to include all labor, materials and any other charges 4. Submit an estimated time for completing the scope of work 5. Provide contact information on any subcontractors that will be utilized, if any, and their intended scope of work 6. Include the name of the supervisor who will be assigned to work on this project 7. Include at least two references, including recent contact names and phone numbers 8. Please be sure to include an authorized signature. Said signature indicates receipt of, familiarity with and understanding of, and acceptance of the specifications provided, except as otherwise noted by the respondent. SELECTION: Vendor selection shall be based on possession of the necessary experience, organization, technical and professional qualifications, skills and facilities, project understanding, approach, ability to comply with proposed or required time of completion or performance, and possession of a satisfactory record of performance, as well as cost.