Ogdensburg’s United Helpers Care recognizes employees
Monday, May 23, 2011 - 11:37 am

OGDENSBURG – The United Helpers Care organization recently recognized employees of the Individualized Residential Alternative program and the Day Habilitation Program.

In top photo, Day Habilitation honored employees included, from left, Deb Bice, “2010 Employee of the Year;” Michele Montroy, Administrator; Colleen Aldridge, Assistant Administrator; and Randy Rafter, “Employee of the First Quarter 2011.”

In photo at right, pictured are Michele Montroy, Administrator; Jason Madill, “IRA “Employee of the Year;” and Stephen Knight, United Helpers Chief Executive Officer.

In photo below, from left, Karen Howie, Kendrew “IRA Employee First Quarter;” Missy Kench, Riverwood “IRA Employee First Quarter;” Sarah Ripa, McIntrye “IRA Employee First Quarter;” and Cindy Lunderman, Centennial Manor “IRA Employee First Quarter.”