Robert J. and Louise M. Fowler
August 18, 2009
Monday, May 31, 2010 - 3:09 pm

Robert J. Fowler, a cute guy with a DA hairdo and low-slung jeans from the West Coast, and Louise M. Guilbert, a shy intellect from the East Coast, fell in love at first sight! They were married on August 18, 1956, in Sacred Heart Church in Massena.

Attendants were the late Glenn and Claire Premo, loving sister of Louise and great lifetime friends.

Bob and Louise have three children and their spouses, Debra and Alan Nicholson of Bethlehem, New Zealand, Susan and Robert Leeney of Melbourne, Florida, and Marty and Julianne Fowler of Massena.

The Fowlers have eight grandchildren, Jon-Paul, Mike, Angie, Robby, Toni, Kaleigh, Christian and Carlie; and four great-grandchildren, Jon-Paul Jr, Kaleb, Emma, and Abbryella.

Bob is retired from the trades after over 20 years spent at ALCOA and Louise is a very active wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who will never retire!

The Fowlers are very dedicated to their family and spent many of those early years boating on the water with the kids. They have raised three wonderful children who appreciate the close-knit loving side of their parents. Laughter was a mainstay in their home and the family dinner was one to not miss with the shenanigans everyone brought to the table from their daily escapades. In those days many a long winter night was spent playing board games and just learning how to be a ‘good loser’.

The Fowlers are highly devoted to the well-being of their grandchildren, practically raising two of them! None of them ever want to leave the loving security of grandma and grandpas house and all have high respect for them.

The third generation is now reaping the rewards of great grandparents and hope many more are to come!